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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-09An Intellectual History of R. Nahman b. Yaakov: Cultural and Legal AspectsAri, Lamm
2009-01Freedom and Responsibility: Censorship at Yeshiva College in the Early History of The Commentator, 1935-1958Dr. Jeffrey S. Gurock, Thesis Advisor; Eleff, Zev
2010An Analysis of the Measure of [A]l in Geometric ProbabilityKornbluth, Yitzhak
2010-05Paradigms of Change in Orthodox ThoughtErder, Mattan
2010-05Masculinity and Power in Romantic RelationshipsBarkhordari, Yishai
2010-05The Crystallization of Proteins with Chiral PrecipitantsGreenbaum, Greenbaum
2010-05Optimization in the Visual SystemStavsky, Eliezer
2010-05Computational Study of Interstrand Carbonyl Coupling in AntiParallel Beta-SheetsSchaikewitz, Matthew
2010-08Study of Biomarkers of Invasion and Cancer Stem Cells in Human Breast CancerStobezki, Robert
2010-08Targeting Dormant Chemo Resistant Breast Cancer Micro Metastasis A Study of Drug Resistance in Invasive Cancer CellsJay, Joshua A.
2010-09A Forward Analytic Model for the Control of Octopus Arm MovementsReinstein, Aryeh
2010-09Rabbi Hannover’s Yeven Metzulah: Responding to Catastrophe in Seventeenth Century Eastern EuropeNovak, Yitz
2011The Effects of a Deterministic Philosophy on Psychological Well-Being: Locus of Control as a ModeratorKatz, Benjamin
2011-01Where does that Protein’s Active Site Lie? What is its Structure?Steinberger, Joseph M.
2011-05The Theory of Efficient Breach: Contrasting Halachic and Secular PerspectivesHyman, Nathan
2011-05Metzitzah B’peh and Nineteenth Century New York: An Analysis of the 1873 New York Board of Health Investigation of Ritual Circumcision.Poliak, Daniel
2011-05The Effect of Precipitant Chirality on the Crystallization of LysozymeBerger, Jacob
2011-05The Visual Propaganda of Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and VespasianBotwinick, Simeon
2011-05Using Molecular Dynamics to Study the Crystallization of ThaumatinKarp, Jerome M.
2011-05Beyond Words: On Jeremiah's Subversive Use of Deuteronomic IdiomsZuckier, Shlomo