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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Acrylic Painting Techniques: A Series of Nature Themed Acrylic Paintings.Glassman, Paul; Yeshiva University, degree granting institution.; Durani, Barack
2021-05The Adventures of Rabbah bar bar Hannah as a Polemic Against Babylonian JewryBergmann, Ari; Chernigoff, Brian
2022-09Analysis of Modern Computing Threats: Injection and Server Side Request ForgeryKelly, Van; Mankowitz, Benjamin
2020-06An Analysis of the Impact of Socioeconomic Factors on Trump Support . / Avi Hirsch.Medina, F. Patricia; Hirsch, Avi; Yeshiva University, degree granting institution.
2010An Analysis of the Measure of [A]l in Geometric ProbabilityKornbluth, Yitzhak
2024-01Assessment of children’s development of self-control and parents’ role in itSchnall, Eliezer; Schuck, Akiva
2020-05Awareness and Performance of Testicular Self- Examinations: An Analysis of Religious, Social, Cognitive, and Affective Barriers to Cancer Screenings in a Faith- Based Community.Aisenbrey, Silke; Kimmel, Daniel; Miller, Amitai S.; Yeshiva University, degree granting institution.
2016-05“Aye be whaur extremes meet”: The Contradictory Dimensions of Hugh MacDiarmid’s A Drunk Man Looks at the ThistlePortman, Aaron G.
2021-06Becoming tefillah educators a curriculum for tefillah, emunah, and moral developmentRabinovich, Deena; Orenshein, Zachary
2023Behind the screen: An overview of premarital genetic testing in the Jewish communityReichman, Edward I.; Rothman, Yechezkel J.
2014-05Between Roman History and the Apocalypse: A Historiographical Study of the Number of the Beast of Revelation 13:18Honick, Yitzchak D.
2011-05Beyond Words: On Jeremiah's Subversive Use of Deuteronomic IdiomsZuckier, Shlomo
2022-05Caillebotte and Haussmann: Art as Commentary on the Modern Built EnvironmentMesch, Rachel; Shavelson, Naftali
2019-09Calcium-independent Phospholipase A2β is Vital in Neurons and Possibly Other Tissues to Inhibit Age-Related Motor Degeneration.Steinhauer, Josefa; Shulman, Benjamin
2013-09Catalysis to React Carboxylic Acids with Isonitriles under Mild ConditionsFluss, Joshua D.
2019-05Cellular Aging: A Mitochondrial Approach to Oxidative and Glucocorticoid Stress.Picard, Martin; Sturm, Gabriel
2023The changing world of prosthetics in halacha and beyondReichman, Edward; Tripp, Jonah
2019-05Christ-figures, Religious Imagery, and the Critique of Religious Institutions in Film.Geyh, Paula; Rynhold, Zack
2023-05CNN as an approach to handwritten Hebrew letter classificationFeltenberger, Dave; Siegman, Raziel
2023-05Collaborative filtering machine learning modelsFeltenberger, Dave; Jeselsohn, Eitan