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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-08-16Phosphorylation and expression level of nucleophosmin is regulated by SUMOylation in mouse spermatogenic cellsVigodner, Margarita; Matveev, Shaina
2023-04-27The Jewess in literature and mediaPeters, Ann; Ahdout, Ilana
2023-04-27Ice recrystallization inhibition: Structure-activity studies of synthetic compoundsDrori, Ran; Aduculesi, Rebecca
2023-04Leitmotifs in Hamilton: the Broadway musicalGlaser, David; Zrihen, Emily
2023-04-27The impact of COVID-19 on the opioid crisisKhan, Rana; Weiss, Lieba
2023-04-27The grocery store problemBroder, Alan; Waghalter, Penina
2023-04-27The use of lactation consultants in a universal postpartum depression prevention interventionDiLorenzo, Terry; Vadnai, Shayna
2023-05-23Minimum edit distance on a probabilistic stringBroder, Alan; Schwartz, Dahlia
2023-05Analysis of the different potential treatment venues of psychedelic medicinesBabich, Harvey; Schreiber, Chloe
2023-05-21Pregnancy as an optimal time for health improvement: Creating interventions to benefit maternal and fetal health long-termStrauss, Tirtza Spiegel; Teitelman, Yael
2023-04-27Exploring the role of self-regulation as a mediator in the connection of mindfulness and health behaviorsDiLorenzo, Terry; Surpin, Yuval
2023-04-25The psychosocial effects of hearing loss on intimate relationshipsJolivette, Jonathan; Shavelson, Rivka
2023-06-23Animal-assisted therapy to treat depression in adolescent oncology patientsDiLorenzo, Terry; Schick, Eitana
2023-04-27Effects of mask wearing on oral healthKatz, Amanda; Sarraf, Rachel
2023-05Studying neuro-immune-microbiome crosstalk in the gut using the optogenetic organ gut culture systemVigodner, Margarita; Levy, David Jessula; Rubenstein, Leia
2023-04-27Gene drives in CRISPR technology, mosquitoes to eradicate malaria, and implications in Jewish medical ethicsReichman, Edward; Rouhani, Ilana
2023-04-27Are we doing enough? Risk factors, assessment methods and treatment for adolescent suicide.Weiss, Richard; Rothbort, Tehila
2023-04-27Reading clearly: Jane Austen’s heroines’ ability to readO'Malley, Seamus; Rosenfeld, Sarah
2023-04-27Studies of changes in histone posttranslational modifications as possible markers of agingVigodner, Margarita; Rosenblatt, Bina
2023-04-27Illustrated fantasy: Image-text relationships in J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight ArchiveO'Malley, Seamus; Polster, Julia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 411
The S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program, begun with a major gift from philanthropist S. Daniel Abraham in 1999, has attracted students of ever-higher academic caliber to the college, where they engage in once-in-a-lifetime research opportunities and forge rewarding relationships with faculty mentors. Students in the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program enroll in honor courses, enjoy faculty mentoring, and complete a major research project. In addition, they participate in exciting extracurricular events - outstanding speakers, cultural outings to top NYC destinations, and leadership workshops. Read more. For more information please contact: Director Cynthia Wachtell wachtell AT yu.edu 646.592.4157 215 Lexington Ave, Room 616