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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Using entropy to detect quantum phase transitionsKollmar, Davida J.
2014-02Effect of Heat Inactivation on Serum Antibody Reactivity Against Mycobacterial AntigensMiller, Deena Eliana
2014-04Flooded With Exegesis: Comparative Hermeneutics on Genesis 6-9 and a Call for Exegetical ReconciliationRenz, Rachel Sarah
2014-04Non-Penal Justifications for Felony Disenfranchisement as Reflected in States' ConstitutionsCohen, Pamela
2014-04The Scientific Journey of Battling HIV/AIDS: A Series of Advancements and SetbacksShilian, Nancy
2014-04Familial Assignation in Sefer ShemuelLaufer, Ora S.
2014-04“Where I Fit in this Odd Geometry of Time”: The Experienced Self-Narrative from Image and Text in the Artwork of Francesca WoodmanRoberts, Yael
2014-04Prenatal Whole Genome Sequencing and the Challenge of Too Much InformationCohen, Sara Malka
2014-04Biochemical Applications of Thermophoresis: Investigation of Biomolecular Interactions, Thermal Denaturation, and the Origin of LifeMizrachi, Sarah
2014-04Genetically Engineered Crops: Proceed with CautionShafner, Sonia
2014-04The Biblical Interpretation of Niddah and Zavah: An Analysis of the Aruch Hashulchan’s Defense of the RambamAusubel, Talia
2014-04Gallic Acid: Chemical Properties and Cellular ResponsesWietschner, Jordana
2014-04Is Point of Care Rapid-HIV Testing in New York City School-Based Health Centers Worthwhile? An Analysis of Cost, Benefit and UtilityMarder, Shira
2014-04Degas, Realism, and the Bathing NudesRozenblat, Hannah
2014-04The Clutter of Reality: Janet Malcolm’s Quest for TruthDreyfus, Hannah
2014-04-28The History of Cancer, Treatments and Nutraceuticals: A Natural Form of Cancer TherapyHyman, Abigail
2014-04-28Effects of Prospective Memory on Ongoing Tasks: How Goals Affect Our CognitionGordon, Aliza
2014-04-28An In-Depth Analysis of the Anticancer, Antioxidant, and Prooxidant Effects of PomegranatesWolf, Bella
2014-04-28Ocular Diseases of the Past, Diagnosed and Applied in the PresentEinzig, Bracha
2014-05Religious Moral Education: The Role of Moral Foundations in Jewish High SchoolsLejtman, Daniella Shaindi