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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04Large investors’ portfolio composition and firms value.Ravid, S. Abraham; Sekerci, Naciye; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2020Large investors’ portfolios and firm valueRavid, S. Abraham; Sekerci, Naciye; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2003Leading with meaning: Using covenantal leadership to build a better organizationPava, Moses
2022A modest proposal for more kindness in business.Pava, Moses L.; Dion, Michel
2021On not confusing the tree of trustworthy statistics with the greater forest of good science: A comment on Simmons et al.’s perspective on pre-registrationOh, Travis Tae; Pham, Michel Tuan; 0000-0002-1712-6596
2016-11Optimal Allocation of an Indivisible Good.Shao, Ran; Zhou, Lin; 0000-0002-1736-9862
2022The possibility of kindness in business: Re-visiting the case of Malden Mills from a Jewish ethics perspectivePava, Moses L.; Dion, Michel; Pava, Moses L.; Freeman, R. Edward
2021Preregistration is neither sufficient nor necessary for good sciencePham, M. T.; Oh, T. T.; 0000-0002-1712-6596
2024-04-03Research in the flagship Jewish universityRavid, S. Abraham; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2022The spirit of conscious capitalism: Contributions of world religions and spiritualitiesPava, Moses; Dion, Michel
2020-02Star turnover and the value of human capital - evidence from Broadway shows0000-0002-5557-789X
2020-02Star Turnover and the Value of Human Capital—Evidence from Broadway Shows.Management Science.Ravid, S. Abraham; Han, Shu; 0000-0002-5557-789X; 0000-0002-3587-079X
1993-11Trade credit, quality guarantees, and product marketability.Ravid, S. Abraham; Long, Michael; Malitz, Illeen B.; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2016-02Voting and optimal provision of a public good.Shao, Ran; Zhou, Lin