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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08E. J. Edmunds, school integration, and white supremacist backlash in Reconstruction New OrleansZelbo, Sian Elizabeth; 0000-0002-3819-6104
2019The recreational mathematics of activities of ordinary nineteenth century Americans: A study of two mathematics puzzle columns and their contributorsZelbo, Sian Elizabeth; 0000-0002-3819-6104
2020-05-11A thesaurus for Biblical HebrewWaxman, Joshua; Azar, Miriam; Pahmer, Aliza; 0000-0002-8617-2254
2020-02-21The persistence of pay inequality: The gender pay gap in an anonymous online labor market.Waxman, Joshua; Litman, Leib; Robinson, Jonathan; Rosen, Zohn; Rosenzweig, Cheskie; Bates, Lisa M.; 0000-0002-8617-2254
2020Identification of sumoylated targets in proliferating mouse spermatogonia and human testicular seminomasVigodner, Margarita; Lucas, Benjamin; Kemeny, Stav; Schwartz, Tamar; Levy, Rebecca
2020A course-based undergraduate research experience examining neurodegeneration in Drosophila melanogaster teaches students to think, communicate, and perform like scientistsDelventhal, Rebecca; Steinhauer, Josefa; 0000-0002-0960-5271
2020-11The thought worlds of Rabbi Jonathan SacksShatz, David
2020-05Professor Mark Steiner: In MemoriamShatz, David; Berger, David
2020Teaching Jewish philosophy: Materials, methods, and meaningShatz, David
2020Darshan for the ages.Shatz, David
-Complexity and simplicity: The true character of LotPrice, Nechama
2021Form and rhetoric in Biblical song: Ramban’s commentary on the Song of the Sea (Exodus 15:1-18).Levine, Michelle J.
2020Matriarch, MatriarchsLevine, Michelle J.; Klauck, H.J.; Leppin, V.; McGinn, B.; Seow, C.L.; Spieckermann, H.; Ziolkowski, E.; Walfish, B. D.; Ziolkowski, E.J.; Furey, C.M.; Matz, B.; McKenzie, S.L.; Römer, T.C.; Schroeter, J.
2020-10Repair avoidance: When faithful informational exchanges don't matter that muchGalantucci, Bruno; Langstein, Benjamin; Spivack, Eliyahu; Paley, Nathaniel; 0000-0002-3642-1371
2020Enlightenment and revolutionFreedman, Jeffrey; Raven, J.
2020Ice growth acceleration by antifreeze proteins leads to higher thermal hysteresis activity.Drori, Ran; Deng, J.; Apfelbaum, E.; 0000-0002-6436-5602
2020Crystals of benzamide, the first polymorphous molecular compound, are helicoidal.Drori, Ran; Shtukenberg, Alexander G.; Sturm, Elena V.; Vidavsky, Netta; Haddad, Asaf; Zheng, Jason; Estroff, Lara A.; Weissman, Haim; Wolf, Sharon G.; Shimoni, Eyal; Li, Chao; Fellah, Noalle; Efrati, Efi; Kahr, Bart; 000-0002-6436-5602
2023Conjugated dienoic acid peroxides as substrates in chaetopterus bioluminescence system.Zagitova, Renata I.; Purtov, Konstantin V.; Shcheglov, Aleksandr S.; Mineev, Konstantin S.; Dubinnyi, Maxim A.; Myasnyanko, Ivan N.; Belozerova, Olga A.; Pakhomova, Vera G.; Petushkov, Valentin N.; Rodionova, Natalia S.; Lushpa, Vladislav A.; Guglya, Elena B.; Kovalchuk, Sergey; Kozhemyako, Valeri B.; Mirza, Jeremy D.; Oliveira, Anderson G.; Yampolsky, Ilia V.; Kaskova, Zinaida; Tsarkova, Aleksandra S.; 0000-0003-1752-0726
2021First record of bioluminescence in a sipunculan wormOliveira, Anderson G.; Amaral, Danilo T.; Hannon, Mary Colleen; 0000-0003-1752-0726
2021Bioluminescence in Polynoid Scale WormsMoraes, Gabriela V.; Hannon, Mary Colleen; Soares, Douglas M. M.; Stevani, Cassius V.; Schulze, Anja; Oliveira, Anderson G.; 0000-0003-1752-0726
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 173