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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12The 9th century BCE destruction layer at Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel: integrating macro- and microarchaeology.Katz, Jill
2022Adom HaRishon and his contemporaries: Soulless humanoidsBabich, Harvey
2018Analytical description of the survival probability of coherent states in regular regimes.Lerma-Hernandez, Sergio; Chavez-Carlos, Jorge; Bastarrachea-Magnani, Miguel A.; Santos, Lea F.; Hirsch, Jorge G.; 0000-0001-9400-2709
2016Ancient pathologies with current medical diagnoses: “There is nothing new under the sun” (Koheles 1:9)Babich, Harvey
2010The Arba minimBabich, Harvey
2022Asymptotic expansion of correlation functions for Z^d covers of hyperbolic flows.Dolgopyat, Dmitry; Nándori, Peter; Pène, Françoise; 0000-0001-8238-6653
2015Asymptotic properties of the Lorentz process and some closely related modelsSz´asz, Domokos; Nándori, Péter; 0000-0001-8238-6653
2011Betar and Aelia Capitolina: Symbols of Jewish suffering.Katz, Jill
2014Biblical and Talmudic human geneticsBabich, Harvey
2009Biblical and Talmudic microbesBabich, Harvey
2021Bioluminescence in Polynoid Scale WormsMoraes, Gabriela V.; Hannon, Mary Colleen; Soares, Douglas M. M.; Stevani, Cassius V.; Schulze, Anja; Oliveira, Anderson G.; 0000-0003-1752-0726
2022-10-27Bioluminescent dinoflagellates as a bioassay for toxicity assessmentOliveira, Anderson Garbuglio de; Perin, Luíza S.; Moraes, Gabriela V.; Galeazzo, Gabriela A; 0000-0003-1752-0726
2008Blood, frogs, and liceBabich, Harvey
2017Building a city wall: An administrative perspective.Katz, Jill
2019-10-09Calculation of transition state energies in the hcn–hnc isomerization with an algebraic model.Khalouf-Rivera, Jamil; Carvajal, Miguel; Pérez-Bernal, Francisco; Santos, Lea F.; 0000-0001-9400-2709
2014-06Caputo standard α-family of maps: Fractional difference vs. fractionalEdelman, Mark; 0000-0002-5190-3651
2012Celebrating Pesach in the Land of the Pharaohs.Katz, Jill
2012A central limit theorem for time-dependent dynamical systemsNándori, Péter; Szász, Domokos; Varjú, Tamás; 0000-0001-8238-6653
2020Chaetopterus variopedatus bioluminescence: A review of light emission within a species complex0000-0003-1752-0726
2022-03-31Chaos enhancement in large-spin chainsSantos, Lea F.; Lebel, Yael; Bar Lev, Yevgeny; 0000-0001-9400-2709