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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02-23Generic dynamical features of quenched interacting quantum systems: Survival probability, density imbalance, and out-of-time-ordered correlator.Torres-Herrera, E.J.; Garcia-Garcia, Antonio M.; Santos, Lea F.; 0000-0001-9400-2709
1997A genetic analysis of the events leading to the birth of DinahBabich, Harvey; Klein, David M.
2018Genetically encodable bioluminescent system from fungiOliveira, Anderson G.; Kotlobay, Alexey A.; Sarkisyan, Karen S.; Mokrushina, Yuliana A.; Marcet-Houben, Marina; Serebrovskaya, Ekaterina O.; Markina, Nadezhda M.; Somermeyer, Louisa Gonzalez; Gorokhovatsky, Andrey Y.; Vvedensky, Andrey; Purtov, Konstantin V.; Petushkov, Valentin N.; Rodionova, Natalja S.; 0000-0003-1752-0726
2021Global observables for random walks: law of large numbersNándori, Péter; Dolgopyat, Dmitry; Lenci, Marco; 0000-0001-8238-6653
2022-05-19Ground-state energy distribution of disordered many-body quantum systemsBuijsman, Wouter; Lezama, Talía L. M.; Leiser, Tamar; Santos, Lea F.; 0000-0001-9400-2709
2022-12-20Growth and depletion in linear stochastic reaction networksNándori, Peter; Young, Lai-Sang; 0000-0001-8238-6653
2015Halacha meets DNA fingerprintingBabich, Harvey
2021-05-20Heating suppression by long-range interactions in periodically driven spin chains.Santos, Lea F.; Bhakuni, Devendra Singh; Bar Lev, Yevgeny; 0000-0001-9400-2709
2020-12-28How many particles make up a chaotic many-body quantum system?Santos, Lea F.; Zisling, Guy; Bar Lev, Yevgeny; 0000-0001-9400-2709
2020Ice growth acceleration by antifreeze proteins leads to higher thermal hysteresis activity.Drori, Ran; Deng, J.; Apfelbaum, E.; 0000-0002-6436-5602
2017Identification of hispidin as a bioluminescent active compound and its recycling biosynthesis in the luminous fungal fruiting bodyOba, Yuichi; Suzuki, Yoshiki; Martins, Gabriel N. R.; Carvalho, Rodrigo P.; Pereira, Tatiana A.; Waldenmaier, Hans E.; Kanie, Shusei; Naito, Masashi; Oliveira, Anderson G.; Dörr, Felipe A.; Pinto, Ernani; Yampolsky, Ilia V.; Stevani, Cassius; 0000-0003-1752-0726
2021-07-14Identification of quantum scars via phase-space localization measuresSantos, Lea F.; Pilatowsky-Cameo, Sa ́ul; Villase ̃nor, David; Bastarrachea-Magnan, Miguel A.; Lerma-Hern ́andez, Sergio; Hirsch, Jorge G.; 0000-0001-9400-2709
2020Identification of sumoylated targets in proliferating mouse spermatogonia and human testicular seminomasVigodner, Margarita; Lucas, Benjamin; Kemeny, Stav; Schwartz, Tamar; Levy, Rebecca
2014In pursuit of a wild patienceHirsch, Miriam
2022Infinite measure mixing for some mechanical systemsDolgopyat, Dmitry; Nándori, Péter; 0000-0001-8238-6653
2018Infinite measure renewal theorem and related resultsDolgopyat, Dmitry; Nándori, Péter; 0000-0001-8238-6653
2021-11Interacting bosons in a triple well: Preface of many-body quantum chaosSantos, Lea F.; Wittmann W., Karin; Castro, E.R.; Foester, Angela; 0000-0001-9400-2709
2016-07Interview with Prof. Jill Katz at Tel es Safi. [video]Katz, Jill C.; Selavan, Nachliel
2021Is there a place for prehistoric man within the Torah? The view of one European gadol, Rabbi Israel LipschitzBabich, Harvey
2017Jewish day school wounds and what we can do about themHirsch, Miriam; 0000-0003-0550-6118