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dc.contributor.authorSantos, Lea F.
dc.contributor.authorRigol, Marcos
dc.identifier.citationSantos, Lea F. and Rigol, Marcos. (2010). Onset of quantum chaos in one-dimensional bosonic and fermionic systems and its relation to thermalization. Physical Review. E 81(3), 036206.en_US
dc.description.abstractBy means of full exact diagonalization, we study level statistics and the structure of the eigenvectors of one-dimensional gapless bosonic and fermionic systems across the transition from integrability to quantum chaos. These systems are integrable in the presence of only nearest-neighbor terms, whereas the addition of next-nearest neighbor hopping and interaction may lead to the onset of chaos. We show that the strength of the next-nearest neighbor terms required to observe clear signatures of nonintegrability is inversely proportional to the system size. Interestingly, the transition to chaos is also seen to depend on particle statistics, with bosons responding first to the integrability breaking terms. In addition, we discuss the use of delocalization measures as main indicators for the crossover from integrability to chaos and the consequent viability of quantum thermalization in isolated systems.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Physical Societyen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPhysical Review E;
dc.rightsAttribution 3.0 United States*
dc.subjectquantum chaosen_US
dc.subjectquantum gasesen_US
dc.subjectstrongly correlated electronsen_US
dc.titleOnset of quantum chaos in one-dimensional bosonic and fermionic systems and its relation to thermalization.en_US

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Attribution 3.0 United States
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