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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Jewish tradition and the nontraditional Jew.Schacter, Jacob J.
1994Israel as a Religious Reality.Waxman, Chaim
1999Jewish business ethics : The firm and its stakeholder.Pava, Moses L.; Wurzburger, Walter S.; Schnall, David J.; Levine, Aaron; Prager, Jonas; Liebermann, Yehoshua; Bressler, D.B.; Broyde, Michelle J.; Resnicoff, Steven H.; Levine, Aaron; Pava, Moses; Hirt, Robert S.
1999Jewish Perspectives on the Experience of SufferingCarmy, Shalom; Lichtenstein, Aharon; Tendler, Moshe D.; Spero, Moshe Halevi; Polen, Nehemia; Eliach, Yaffa; Blau, Yitzchak; Elman, Yaakov; Carmy, Shalom; Hirt, Robert S.
2003Jewish Spirituality and Divine Law.Mintz, Adam; Schiffman, Lawrence; Hirt, Robert S.
2006Rabbinic and lay communal authority.Stone, Suzanne Last; Hirt, Robert S.
2007War and peace in the Jewish tradition.Wolowelsky, Joel B.; Schiffman, Lawrence
2007Gender relationships in marriage and out.Blau, Rivkah Teitz; Hirt, Robert S.
2008Religious Zionism post disengagement : future directions.Hirt, Robert S.; Waxman, Chaim I.
2008Yirat shamayim : the awe, reverence, and fear of God.Hirt, Robert S.; Stern, Marc D.
2010The relationship of Orthodox Jews with believing Jews of other religious ideologies and non-believing Jews.Mintz, Adam.; Hirst, Robert S.
2010Toward a Renewed Ethic of Jewish Philanthropy.Prager, Yossi; Hirt, Robert S.
2012The next generation of Modern Orthodoxy.Hain, Shmuel; Hirt, Robert S.