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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The At-risk Adolescent in the Orthodox Jewish Community: Implications and Interventions for Educators.Pelcovitz, David
2011Bullying, Harassment and Social Exclusion in Jewish Schools: Unique Opportunities and Challenges to Promote Positive Peer Culture.Novick, Rona
2021-03Covid-19 & Chinuch: Lessons Learned Opportunities Uncovered. Volume 1: Teaching & Learning.Novick, Rona; Freundel, Sharon; Shawn, Karen; Frankel, Hadassah; Hecht, Audi; Moskovich, Leah; Rutnner, Bracha; Turetsky, Ilana; Grajower, Josh; Goldberg, Scott; Hoenig, Mark; Sokolow, Moshe; Chanales, Yehuda; Schiffman, Mordechai; Deutsch, Yehuda; Salomon, Laya
2021Covid-19 & Chinuch: Lessons Learned Opportunities Uncovered. Volume 2: LeadershipNovick, Rona Milch; Soffer, Jordan; Rabinovich, Deena; Eisenberg, Steven; Rand, Elana Riback; Golding, Julie; Shawn, Karen; Perl, Gil; Lipstein, Eitan; Goldberg, Scott; Namdar, Carly; Pelcovitz, David
2011The Ethics of Exclusion: Pedagogical, Curricular, Leadership and Moral Imperatives in Jewish Education .Glanz, Jeffrey
2003Making the Bible come to life: Biblical archaeology and the teaching of Tanakh in Jewish schools.Schiffman, Lawrence
2011Pictures and Models: An Exploration in Jewish Educational Thought.Rosenak, Michael
2003Religious development in adolescence; A work in progress.Goldmintz, Jay; Carmy, Shalom
-Saying thanks: Dimensions of gratitude.Schnall, Eliezer; Sokolow, Judy; Sokolow, Moshe; Pelcovitz, David
2011Tefillat Rav, Educating for Prayer, Utilizing the Writings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (the Rav); Curricular and Instructional Guidelines.Sokolow, Moshe
-Veshinantam Levanekha: Exploring the Right to Education in the American and Jewish Legal Tradition.Pollack, Daniel; Schnall, David J.; Carmy, Shalom
2003The Voice is the Messenger of the Heart: Shared Stories Still Work Best.Schram, Peninnah