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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1954-06A historical study and analysis of the laws of the State of Pennsylvania affecting Jewish observance.Shuchatowitz, Walter
1954-06The Religious Philosophy of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch KalischerChurgin, Gershon; Wischnitzer, Mark; Adler, Jack H.
1961-06The Motifs in the Works of Moshe ShamirChurgin, Gershon; Rabinowitz, Mayer
1965-06Ḥ̣akam Ẓebi as Chief Rabbi of the Ashkenazic ḳehillah of Amsterdam (1710-1714) / by Judith Bleich.Agus, Irving A.; Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies; Bleich, Judith
1967The Problem of Machine-Made Matzot as Reflected in the Responsa of the 19th Century.Duker, Abraham G.; Feldblum, Meyer S.; Yeshiva University, degree granting institution.; Heisler, Arnold
1968-01Jewish women in the writings of Sholom AleichemChurgin, Gershon; Goldberg, Nathan; Lubetski, Edith Slomowitz
1969-06The Jews in France and Germany before the First Crusade and Rabbi Joseph ben Semuel Tov-ElemHyman, Arthur; Ehrlich, Baruch
1973-06Dr. Jekuthiel Ginsburg: Scholar , educator , and mathematicianGrinstein, Hyman B.; Seff, David
1977-08The development of the customs accepted by the two yeshivot in Babylonia in the gaonic period and their integration into halachik literature.Hurvitz, Elazar; Citroen, Elisha
1978-06The resurrection of the dead and the world to come according to Saadia Gaon, Rambam, and RambanHyman, Arthur; Ben-Meir, Ruth
1979-06Pat 'akum in Medieval France and Germany.Strauss, David. L.
1986-01The Role of Philosophy and Kabbalah in the Works of RashbaBerger, David; Horwitz, David
1989The Responsa of R. Solomon Zvi Schick: Moderate in a Sea of Extremes.Katz, Jacob; Ferziger, Adam S.
1992-01The influences of Rabbi Joseph Bekhor Shor and Radak on Ramban's commentary on the Torah.Berger, David; Novetsky, Hillel
1992-07The American Rabbinic Career of Rabbi Gavriel Zev Margolis.Gurock, Jeffrey; Hoffman, Joshua