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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07-16Biblical & Chinese Ecological Values (Chinese Jewish Conversation)Bettencourt, Michael
2019-02-20The China/Israel ConnectionBettencourt, Michael
2019-03-15The Chinese-Jewish Conversation ContinuesBettencourt, Michael
2019-02-12Dr Fu & Dr Cohen: A Conversation Between Two Scholars at BRGS. [video]Cohen, Mordechai Z.; Fu, Youde;
2019-03-04Dr. Daniel Rynhold - Nietzsche, Soloveitchik, and Contemporary Jewish Philosophy. [Podcast]Rynhold, Daniel; Halpern, Stuart
2019-03-04Dr. Jeffrey Gurock - Conversations with Colleagues. [Podcast]Gurock, Jeffrey S.; Halpern, Stuart
2018-12-06Dr. Malka Simkovich - Discovering Second Temple Literature. [Podcast]Fine, Steven; Simkovich, Malka
2019-03-05Dr. Michel Rosenfeld: The Conscience Wars [Podcast]Halpern, Stuart; Rosenfeld, Michel
2019-12-03Dr. Mordechai Cohen about Ezra HaSoferCohen, Mordechai Z.;
2018-09-17Ilana Kurshan - If All the Seas Were Ink [Podcast]Turner, Zissy; Kurshan, Ilana
2019It's in the gene (alogy): Family, storytelling, and salvationHalpern, Stuart W.; Halpern, Stuart W.
2018-10-05Jeffrey Saks - S.Y. Agnon Anthology [podcast]Saks, Jeffrey; Halpern, Stuart
2020-05-06Prof. Mordechai Cohen: biblical concept of shemittaCohen, Mordechai Z.;
2018-11-26Stephen Tobolowsky and his Adventures with God. [Podcast]Kaufman, Jordyn; Tobolowsky, Stephen
2023-03-29Titus and the Gnat with Dr. Steven FineFine, Steven; Halpern, Stu
2019You've got a friend in me: Ruth and the dynamics of friendshipHalpern, Stuart W.; Halpern, Stuart W.
2019-10YU Ideas : Intellectual Property in the Digital AgeSchapiro, Moshe; Carmy, Shalom; Gross, Stephanie; Kosakoff, Wendy; Krautwirth, Rina; Ravid, S. Abraham; Waxman, Joshua; Schwimmer, Deena; Schiffman, Marlene; Feldman, Daniel; Glassman, Paul; Greenberg, Robert J.; Berger, Shulamith; Yeshiva University. Office of the Provost., /; Halpern, Stuart
2018-08-10YU Ideas : Israel at 70.Berman, Ari; Regenbuam, Ilan; Katz, Jill; Stone, Suzanne Last; Cohen, Zafrira Lidovsky; Weiner, Debra; Bernstein, Jacob; Halpern, Stuart
2018-08-10YU Ideas : Israel at 70. Podcast.Novick, Rona; Neugroschl, CB; Kahn, Josh; Halpern, Stuart
2019-02-15YU Ideas : The Future of the Book.Yeshiva University. Office of the Provost., /; Koller, Aaron; Waxman, Joshua; Fischer, Elli; Nachumi, Nora; Stein, Daniel; Carmy, Shalom; Lavinsky, David; Freedman, Jeffrey; Avnet, Tamar; Chalik, Lisa; Wachtell, Cynthia; Shawn, Karen; Glassman, Paul; Halpern, Stuart