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  • YU Library Book Talk: Rabbi Dr. Asher Oser on the first Hebrew Encyclopedia 

    Oser, Asher (Yeshiva University Libraries, Yeshiva University, 2023-02-27)
    udah David Eisenstein was known as the Ba’al Ha-Otsarot, Master of the Treasuries, for his compendia of Jewish law, lore, and literature. Join Rabbi Dr. Asher Oser, as he discusses Eisenstein's Ozar Yisrael, the First ...
  • Book talk: Real questions, Real answers 

    Ciment, Avi (2023-02-19)
    How do I know there’s a God? Does God listen to my prayers? Isn’t the Bible just a history book? Why were we created? What happens when we die? How do we know the Torah was written by God? Avi Ciment discusses these and ...
  • Book Talk: Irish Culture & "The People": Populism and its Discontents by Seamus O'Malley 

    O'Malley, Seamus (Oxford University Press, 2023-02-09)
    Populism has been a shaping force in Irish literary culture, cutting across sectarian boundaries and paving the way in the 20th century for an independent Irish republic. Seamus O'Malley, Assistant Professor of English ...
  • The Aggadic Mindset: How Talmudic Tales Shape the Jewish Outlook 

    Jachter, Chaim; Jachter, Binyamin (Kol Torah, 2022)
    The deceptively simple nature of the Aggada leads many to mistakenly view it as an entertaining diversion from the Halachic portions of the Talmud. Quite the contrary is true. The stories of the Talmud are Chazal’s exquisite ...
  • Ronald and Miriam Rubin Recognition Event : December 11, 2022 

    Rubin, Ronald (Yeshiva University Libraries, Yeshiva University, 2022-12-11)
    Recognition of Ronald and Miriam Rubin for their donation of a collection of 350 newspaper issues of early Judaica Americana (1734-1869) on Sunday, December 11, 2022. Professor Rubin spoke about the collection with reference ...
  • Book talk: Psyched for Torah 

    Schiffman, Mordechai (2022-12-05)
    Promotion for the event: Join Mordechai Schiffman, author of Psyched for Torah: Cultivating Character and Well-Being Through the Weekly Parsha (Kodesh Press, 2022) as he methodically presents a stunning and seamless ...
  • When hope and history rhyme: Natural and human rights from ancient Greece to modern America 

    Burgess, Douglas R., Jr. (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2022-11-10)
    Dr. King's famous words—"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice”—rest on the thinking and policy of philosophers and legislators from ancient Greece to the present day. In When Hope and History ...
  • The Journey to Your Ultimate Self | YU Library Book Talk 

    Hes, Shulamis; Reichman, Shmuel; Schiffman, Mordechai (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2022-11-01)
    What is the difference between learning Gemara (Talmud) and Machshava (Jewish Thought)? Rabbi Shmuel Reichman, author of The Journey to Your Ultimate Self, provides an accessible and inspiring gateway into deeper Jewish ...
  • Words for the wise: sixty-two insights on Hebrew, holidays, history and liturgy 

    First, Mitchell (Kodesh Press, 2022-09-13)
    Who authored the Aleinu prayer? Was it Yehoshua or later? Was it written as a Rosh Hashanah prayer or in a different context and then borrowed? When did it become part of the daily liturgy and why? What does the language ...
  • Library Book Talk | Illuminating Jewish Thought: Faith, Philosophy, and Knowledge of God 

    Wiederbank, Netanel (Nathaniel) (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2022-03-29)
    In Illuminating Jewish Thought: Faith, Philosophy, and Knowledge of God, the latest addition to his RIETS Hashkafa Series (Maggid Books), Rabbi Netanel (Nathaniel) Wiederblank–Instructor of Talmud, Halacha, and Jewish ...
  • Peninnah's world : a Jewish life in stories 

    Schram, Peninnah (2022-03-01)
    Peninnah Schram, Professor Emerita of Speech and Drama, Stern College for Women, discusses her biography, "Peninnah's World: A Jewish Life in Stories," written by storytelling studies professor Caren Schnur Neile. Moderated ...
  • Joan Haahr Book Lecture: "Prisoners of Memory: A Jewish Family from Nazi Germany" 

    Haahr, Joan Gluckauf (YU Libraries, 2022-02-16)
    Joan Haahr, Professor Emerita of English, Yeshiva University, discusses her book, "Prisoners of Memory: A Jewish Family from Nazi Germany," followed by a moderated Q&A session with William Stenhouse, Professor, The Robert ...
  • Every Last Breath: A Memoir of Two Illnesses 

    Jacobson, Joanne (2021-03-02)
    Joanne Jacobson, Professor Emerita of English and former Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Yeshiva College, discusses her book "Every Last Breath: A Memoir of Two Illnesses." Recorded March 2, 2021.
  • Book talk: Marcelo Broitman, "Francisco Sánchez y el redescubrimiento de la duda en el Renacimiento" 

    Broitman, Marcelo (Yeshiva University Libraries. Yeshiva University., 2021-02-09)
    Professor Ronnie Perelis in conversation with author Marcelo Broitman on his book "Francisco Sánchez y el redescubrimiento de la duda en el Renacimiento" that focuses on the work of Spanish-Portuguese philosopher Francisco ...
  • Ari Mermelstein Book Lecture - December 21, 2021 

    Mermelstein, Ari (Yeshiva University Libraries. Yeshiva University., 2021-12-21)
    Ari Mermelstein, Associate Professor of Bible and Second Temple Literature and Chair of the Department of Bible, Hebrew, and Near Eastern Studies, discusses his new book, "Power and Emotion in Ancient Judaism: Community ...
  • Ellen Schrecker Book Lecture - December 13, 2021 

    Schrecker, Ellen (Yeshiva University Libraries. Yeshiva University., 2021-12-13)
    Ellen Schrecker, former Professor Emerita of History at YU, in conversation with Paula Geyh on Dr. Schrecker's new book, "The Lost Promise: American Universities in the 1960s." Recorded in hybrid format (in-person and ...
  • Miriam Hirsch Book Lecture - November 23, 2021 

    Hirsch, Miriam (Yeshiva University Libraries. Yeshiva University., 2021-11-23)
    Professor Miriam Hirsch in conversation with Dr. Deena Rabinovich on Dr. Hirsch's new book, "Teach Like a Human: Essays for Parents and Teachers." Recorded November 23, 2021.
  • Rachel Mesch on Three Gender Stories from Nineteenth-Century France. 

    Mesch, Rachel (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2021-04-19)
    Rachel Mesch, Professor of English and French and Chair of the English Department, discusses her book "Before Trans: Three Gender Stories from Nineteenth-Century France," followed by a conversation with Liesl Schwabe, ...
  • Nechama Price Book Lecture - February 23, 2021 

    Price, Nechama (New York, NY: Yeshiva University Libraries. Yeshiva University., 2021-02-23)
    Nechama Price, Director, GPATS, and Senior Lecturer, Bible & Judaic Studies, Stern College, discusses Tribal Blueprints. The Jewish nation begins with twelve brothers and half-brothers, linked through their father, Jacob. ...
  • Crisis and Hope: YU Voices Book Talk: "Every Last Breath: A Memoir of Two Illnesses". 

    Jacobson, Joanne; Blatner, Barbara (A joint project of Judaic Studies @ YU, The Center for Israel Studies, The Rabbi Arthur Schneier Program for International Affairs and the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, 2021-02-17)
    Joanne Jacobson, YU Professor Emerita of English, former Yeshiva College Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. discusses her new memoir "Every Last Breath" with moderator Barbara Blatner, former Yeshiva College Associate ...

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