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Title: Medical and Moral Issues of Modern Pregnancy: Abortion, Selective Reduction, and Teenage Pregnancy
Authors: Mollin, Jeffrey R.
Rindsberg, Ilana Ruth
Yeshiva University, degree granting institution.
Keywords: Senior honors thesis
family planning
in vitro fertilization
selective reduction
teenage pregnancy
Issue Date: 6-May-2020
Publisher: New York, NY. Stern College for Women. Yeshiva University.
Citation: Rindsberg, I. R. (2020, May 6). Medical and moral issues of modern pregnancy: Abortion, selective reduction, and teenage pregnancy. [Undergraduate honors thesis, Yeshiva University.]
Abstract: Abortion is a tough subject that many people have opinions about, but are not fully educated on. It is one that requires much further study to glean an understanding of the complex topic. One major component that falls under the topic of abortion is that of teenage pregnancy and subsequent choice of abortion. In order for teenage pregnancy rates to decrease, sex education must be increased in schools. This can be done by modelling other countries with low rates of teenage pregnancy. Certainly learning safe sex practices will help reduce the teenage pregnancy rates, especially if taught correctly. Another issue with similar moral implications is that of selective reduction, a procedure done when too many embryos implant into a woman’s uterus. Due to increases in in vitro fertilization and use of fertility drugs to become pregnant, rates of multiple pregnancies have increased. Carrying multiples has its own set of problems, including babies born prematurely and the defects that stem from being delivered too early. Having a set of guidelines on how many embryos to transfer and how to prescribe fertility drugs safely are methods that can be used to reduce rates of multiples. Utilizing all of these ideas, rates of abortion and selective reduction will hopefully see a decrease in frequency.
Description: Senior honors thesis. Open Access.
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