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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-02-24Reconciling subjective and objective cognitive decline using the Biber figure learning testSeng, Elizabeth; Chapman, Silvia; Cosentino, Stephanie; Foley, Frederick W.; Hirky, Anne Elizabeth; Shagalow, Shaina
2024-02-29Perceived ethnic discrimination and cigarette smoking cessation among a sample of people with HIVWeinberger, Andrea H.; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Shute, Jonathan; Foley, Frederick W.; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Agterberg, Silvana Jones
2023-08Exploratory study on the effects of Chiari malformation-I on cognitive, emotional/behavioral, and physical functioning in a pediatric populationZemon, Vance; Bender, Heidi; Spat-Lemus, Jessica; Mandelbaum, Sarah
2023-08Intermittent fasting as an alternative weight loss approachSwencionis, Charles; Seng, Elizabeth; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Lister, Amanda M.
2023-06Neurocognitive, motor, and social abilities in autism spectrum disorder: An EEG mobile brain-body imaging studyWeinberger, Andrea H.; De Sanctis, Pierfilippo; Lee, Christine J.; Molholm, Sophie; Zemon, Vance; Cruz, Lisa
2023-08The relationship between acculturation and healthcare provider relationship on pediatric asthma outcomes among Latinx childrenFeldman, Jonathan; Arcoleo, Kimberly; Hillman, Barri; Spray, Amanda; Weinberger, Andrea; Starr, Sheena
2023-04Obesity and the moderating role of caregiver asthma-related illness representations and anxiety on asthma outcomes in Black and Latinx youthFeldman, Jonathan M.; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Gonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Swencionis, Charles; Rastogi, Deepa; DiCicco-Bloom, Jared
2023-06-27Adherence to mobile health for migraine: Individual and app-based predictorsSeng, Elizabeth; Damush, Teresa; Metts, Christopher; Swencionis, Charles; Weinberger, Andrea; Snyder, Ivy
2022-05Perception of partner support and its impact on mental health among heterosexual and LGBQ+ adultsZweig, Richard; Cohen, Lauren
2023Contrast sensitivity and clinical high risk for psychosis: A psychophysical investigationZemon, Vance; Pamela, Butler; Herrera, Shaynna; Gordon, James; Swencionis, Charles; Ifrah, Chloe
2023Acculturation, acculturative stress, and outcomes in an Asthma-PD Latine sampleSwencionis, Charles; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Gonzalez, Jeffrey; Interian, Alejandro; Steinberg, Dara; CastaƱo, Katerina
2022-06Internalized HIV/AIDS stigma and alcohol use in a sample of adults living with HIV/AIDS in the BronxWeinberger, Andrea H.; Moadel-Robblee, Alyson; Swencionis, Charles; Hirky, Anne E.; Shuter, Jonathan; Gittleman, Jennifer
2023-04Objective frequency analysis of transient visual evoked potentials in activity dependent neuroprotective protein (adnp) syndromeZemon, Vance; Gordon, James; Siper, Paige; Hillman, Bari; Zweifach, Jessica; Benrey Grinberg, Nurit Esther
2022-12-11Intuitive eating and dietary quality in women with disordered eating: Longitudinal analyses of a pilot web-based interventionSwencionis, Charles; Weinberger, Andrea; Seng, Elizabeth; Duncan, Jayne
2023-06-04Validating the burden of psychiatric illness scale (BPIS): A measure of the self-perceived impact of psychiatric illness on psychosocial functioning and of stress related to managing psychiatric illnessWeinberger, Andrea H.; Shpigel, Danielle M.; Swencionis, Charles; Friedman, Joseph
2023-01Early dieting related to disordered eating and weight loss in a behavioral weight loss interventionSwendionis, Charles; Wylie-Rosett, Judith; Weinberger, Andrea; Insull, Astrid Marcus
2022-11Longitudinal associations between balance confidence and cognitive performance in community-residing older adultsHoltzer, Roee; Weinberger, Andrea; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Foley, Frederick; Cole, Jeffrey; Kominsky, Rebecca Kraut
2021-06Openness to experience and activity engagement: Protective factors against longitudinal decline in attention/executive functions and verbal memory in older adultsHoltzer, Roee; Weinberger, Andrea; Foley, Frederick; Mercuri, Giulia
2021-08The Family Impact of Pediatric MigraineSeng, Elizabeth K.; Gelfand, Amy; Wadkins, Melanie; Marzouk, Maya Anette
2022-01Falls, mood, and driving safety in multiple sclerosisFoley, Frederick W; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Holtzer, Roee; Cohen, Jenna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1248