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2009-12-09Exile and Spiritual Self-Discovery: Crypto-Judaism in the New World Speaker: Dr. Ronnie Perelis Date: Dec 6, 2009 [podcast]Perelis, Ronnie
2010-05-23PART 2--One Stone upon Another: The Temple of Jerusalem in Jewish and Christian Art. (YouTube video)Fine, Steven; Jensen, Robin
2010-05-23PART 1--One Stone upon Another: The Temple of Jerusalem in Jewish and Christian Art.Fine, Steven
2011-01-02Climbing God's Mountain, Finding Shelter Under the Shechina's Wings: A Convert's Story from 17th Century Amsterdam. Speaker: Dr. Ronnie Perelis [Podcast]Perelis, Ronnie
2012-04-09Byzantium and Islam: Age of Transition.Fine, Steven
2014-02Library Book Talks: Ephraim Kanarfogel Book Lecture.Kanarfogel, Ephraim; Holderness, J.B.; Glassman, Paul, Host; Schwartz, Dov; Kanarfogel, Ephraim
2015-10-02The Holocaust Averted: Counterfactual History of US Jews. [Podcast]Gurock, Jeffrey S.; Halpern, Gilad
2016-12-05Torah Umadda Minute - Menorahs in Ancient Israel.Fine, Steven
2016-12-12Back when Harlem was Jewish. [Podcast]Gurock, Jeffrey S.
2017-07-13Judaism, Islam and the survival of ancient Greek texts.Perelis, Ronnie; Zucker, Steven; Centrum Fizyki Teoretycznej PAN; Gonzalez, Cristian; Wolf, Donna
2017-11-07Menorahs in Color: Polychromy and the History of Judaism in Roman Antiquity.Fine, Steven
2018-08-24YU Ideas: Reinventing the Self. Podcast. AnchorAkerman, Deb; Reinart, Alex; Rynhold, Daniel; Halpern, Stuart
2019-03-04Dr. Daniel Rynhold - Nietzsche, Soloveitchik, and Contemporary Jewish Philosophy. [Podcast]Rynhold, Daniel; Halpern, Stuart
2019-03-04Dr. Jeffrey Gurock - Conversations with Colleagues. [Podcast]Gurock, Jeffrey S.; Halpern, Stuart
2019-12-04Library Book Talks: Shalom Holtz Book Lecture.Holtz, Shalom E; Holderness, J.B.; Hes, Shulamis
2020-02-10Towards an Unprincipled Judaism. [video]Rynhold, Daniel
2020-03-16Judaism for Dummies? [Podcast]Olson, Jess
2020-03-24Dr. Ronnie Perelis: "Dancing in the Dark: Life and Death in Sefarad" : VIDEOPerelis, Ronnie
2020-03-30If You Build It: Jewish Architecture Throughout the Centuries. [Podcast]Olson, Jess; Fine, Steven; Perelis, Ronnie
2020-04-13The Crypto-Jews of the Mid-Atlantic (podcast).Perelis, Ronnie