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    • Crisis and Hope: YU Voices: The Lessons of the Holocaust for Our Times. Shay Pilnik with Ronnie Perelis. 

      Pilnik, Shay; Perelis, Ronnie (New York, NY: Bernard Revel Graduate School ; Judaica Studies @ YU, Rabbi Arthur Schneier School for International Affairs; YU Center for Israel Studies., 2020-07-30)
      Shay Pilnik has recently joined YU as founding director of the Emil A. and Jenny Fish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Yeshiva University. A special program for Tisha be-Av
    • Judaism, Islam and the survival of ancient Greek texts. 

      Perelis, Ronnie; Zucker, Steven (, 2017-07-13)
      Sefer Musre Hafilosofim (Book of Morals of Philosophers), 13th -15th century, ink and opaque watercolor on parchment, Spain (The Hispanic Society of America, New York) Book of Morals of Philosophers by Dr. Ronnie Perelis ...
    • Torah Umadda Minute - Menorahs in Ancient Israel. 

      Fine, Steven (New York, NY: Yeshiva University., 2016-12-05)
      What did synagogue menorahs look like in the 5th century? Dr. Steven Fine, Dean Pinkhos Churgin Professor of Jewish History and author of the recently published -The Menorah: From the Bible to Modern Israel,- examines a ...