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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Using virtual patients to assess and improve clinicians’ emotional self-awareness: A randomized controlled studySarli, Giuseppe; Rogers, Megan L.; Bloch-Elkouby, Sarah; Lawrence, Olivia; Gomes de Siqueira, Alexandre; Yao, Heng; Lok, Benjamin; Foster, Adriana; Galynker, Igor; 0000-0003-1555-3137
2023Factor structure and validation of the revised suicide crisis inventory (SCI-2) in a Korean populationPark, Ji Yoon; Rogers, Megan L.; Sarah, Bloch-Elkouby; Richards, Jenelle A.; Lee, Sungwoo; Galynker, Igor; You, Sungeun; 0000-0003-1555-3137
2023-06-02A suicide-specific diagnosis – the case for.Cohen, Lisa J.; Imbastaro, Benedetta; Peterkin, Devon; Bloch-Elkouby, Sarah; Wolfe, Amber; Galynker, Igor
2023Who are the patients who deny suicidal intent? Exploring patients’ characteristics associated with self-disclosure and denial of suicidal intentBloch‐Elkouby, Sarah; Zilcha‐Mano, Sigal; Rogers, Megan L.; Park, Ji Yoon; Manlongat, Katherine; Krumerman, Mia; Galynker, Igor; 0000-0003-1555-3137
2021The mediated moderation model of depressive symptoms, alcohol use, and consequences: the protective role of executive functionHalpern, Leslie F.; 0000-0002-8212-516X
2021Elucidating the roles of maternal overcontrol and warmth in the development of childhood anxiety and depression: A moderated mediation frameworkHalpern, Leslie F.; Fox, Jeremy K.; Sital, Melissa; Ryan, Julie L.; 0000-0002-8212-516X
2019-10Does mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for migraine reduce migraine-related disability in people with episodic and chronic migraine? A phase 2b pilot randomized clinical trial.Seng, Elizabeth K.; Singer, Alexandra B.; Metts, Christopher; Grinberg, Amy S.; Patel, Zarine S.; Marzouk, Maya; Rosenberg, Lauren; Day, Melissa; Minen, Mia T.; Lipton, Richard B.; Buse, Dawn C.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2019-07Assessing evidence-based medicine and opioid/barbiturate as first-line acute treatment of pediatric migraine and primary headache: A retrospective observational study of health systems dataSeng, Elizabeth K.; Gelfand, Amy A.; Nicholson, Robert A; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2018-10-22The reliability of attentional biases for emotional images measured using a free-viewing eye-tracking paradigmSears, Christopher; Quigley, Leanne; Fernandez, Amanda; Newman, Kristin; Dobson, Keith; 0000-0002-3676-4083
2019What’s in a name? Evaluating the public stigma of gambling disorderQuigley, Leanne; Prentice, Jennifer; Warren, Jonathan T.; Quilty, Lena C.; Dobson, Keith S.; Hodgins, David C.; 0000-0002-3676-4083
2019-10-01Cognitive change in cognitive-behavioural therapy v. pharmacotherapy for adult depression: a longitudinal mediation analysisQuigley, Leanne; Dozois, David J. A.; Bagby, R. Michael; Lobo, Daniela S. S.; Ravindran, Lakshmi; Quilty, Lena C.; 0000-0002-3676-4083
2019Concurrent and prospective relations between attentional biases for emotional images and relapse to depressionQuigley, Leanne; Newman, Kristin; Fernandez, Amanda; Dobson, Keith; Sears, Christopher; 0000-0002-3676-4083
2019Cognitive moderation of CBT: Disorder-specific or transdiagnostic predictors of treatment responseQuigley, Leanne; Katz, Danielle E.; Laposa, Judith M.; Hawley, Lance L.; Rector, Neil A.; 0000-0002-3676-4083
2019-03-01Why is it easier to get mad than it is to feel sad? Pilot study of Regulation Focused Psychotherapy for ChildrenProut, Tracy A.; Rice, Timothy; Murphy, Sean; Gaines, Emma; Aizin, Sophia; Sessler, Danielle; Ramchandani, Talya; Racine, Emma; Gorokhovsky, Yulia; Hoffman, Leon; 0000-0002-3650-5890
2019Resilience, defenses, and implicit emotion regulation in psychodynamic child psychotherapyProut, Tracy A.; Malone, Anthea; Rice, Timothy; Hoffman, Leon; 0000-0002-3650-5890
2019-09Commentary (Invited): Considering the role of attachment and racial injustice in adolescent risk-seeking and justice involvement.Nehrig, Nicole; Prout, Tracy A.; https://orcid.org/orcid-search/search?searchQuery=tracy%20prout
2019-10Whose anxiety are we treating, anyway?Prout, Tracy A.; Nehrig, Nicole; Aafjes‐van Doorn, Katie; https://orcid.org/orcid-search/search?searchQuery=tracy%20prout
2019-08Clinical encounters with children in the Trump eraProut, Tracy A; Faber, Leore J.; Racine, Emma; Sperling, Rebecca; Hillman, Rebecca F.; 0000-0002-3650-5890
2019Regulation focused psychotherapy for children in clinical practice: Case vignettes from psychotherapy outcome studies.Prout, Tracy A.; Bernstein, Margo; Gaines, Emma; Aizin, Sophia; Sessler, Danielle; Racine, Emma; Spigelman, Anna; Rice, Timothy R.; Hoffman, Leon; 0000-0002-3650-5890
2019Pregnancy and disability: Therapist transitions and transformationsProut, Tracy; 0000-0002-3650-5890
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 235