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  • Trauma and Repair: Psychologists and Social Workers Reflect on the Ukraine Crisis 

    Holderness, J.B.; Botman, Selma; Olson, Jess; Bate, Jordan; Békés, Vera; Beckerman, Nancy; Henshaw, Lisa (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2022-04-04)
  • Elegy for Odessa 

    Botman, Selma; Olson, Jess; Wisse, Jacob; Vinokur, Val; Glaser, Amelia (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2022-03-28)
    A round table of historians and political scientists discuss the history and current situation in Odessa. Opening remarks by Dr. Selma Botman, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs. Contributors include: Dr. Val Vinokur, ...
  • Ukraine: Past, Present, Future 

    Berman, Ari; Szany, Kelley; Weitzman, Mark; Pilnik, Shay; Sharansky, Natan; Kwasniewski, Aleksander; Kavatsiuk, Ruslan (The Fish Center ; Yeshiva University Libraries, Yeshiva University, 2022-03-13)
    The Fish Center and Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center with an outstanding opportunity to listen to a live, first hand account of what is happening in the Ukraine today, the history and current situation at the Babyn Yar ...
  • War by Other Means: The Legal, Cyber and Economic Fronts in the War in Ukraine 

    0000-0002-0338-2249; Botman, Selma; Perelis, Ronnie; Kahn, James; Tehila, Sivan; Pearlstein, Deborah N. (Yeshiva University Libraries, 2022-03-09)
    Yeshiva University round table discussion on the crisis in the Ukraine.
  • Ukraine Under Attack: The Unfolding Situation in Ukraine [Roundtable] [video] 

    0000-0001-6796-489X; 0000-0002-5865-589X; Berman, Ari; Zimmerman, Joshua; Pilnik, Shay; Karlip, Joshua; Zaitseva, Maria; Olson, Jess; Shvetsov, Dina (Yeshiva University Library, 2022-02-28)
    A roundtable of historians and political scientists discuss the unfolding situation in Ukraine. Opening remarks by President Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman. Contributors include: Dr. Jess Olson, Associate Professor of Jewish ...
  • The Representation of Babi Yar in Soviet Russian and Yiddish Literature 

    PIlnik, Shay Arie (ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global, 2013-06)
    This dissertation is dedicated to the literary representation of the memory of Babi Yar, the ravine on the outskirts of Kiev where over 100,000 people, primarily Jews, were murdered during World War II. During the Cold War ...
  • The Lessons of the Holocaust for our times : Dr. Shay Pilnik with Dr. Ronnie Perelis. 

    Pilnik, Shay; Perelis, Ronnie (A joint project of Judaic Studies @ YU, The Center for Israel Studies, The Rabbi Arthur Schneier Program for International Affairs and the Bernard Revel Graduate school of Jewish Studies, Yeshiva University., 2020-07-30)
    A special program for Tisha B'Av.
  • Commemorating Kristallnacht. [video] 

    Luden, Helga Schmitz; Espaillat, Adriano; Blanco, José A. (New York, NY: The Emil A. and Jenny Fish Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies., 2020-11-10)
    Survivor Helga Schmitz Luden speaks about her experiences living through and escaping the Holocaust, along with introductions by Congressman Adriano Espaillat (NY-13) and Mr. José A. Blanco, Ambassador, Permanent Representative ...
  • Crisis and Hope: YU Voices: The Lessons of the Holocaust for Our Times. Shay Pilnik with Ronnie Perelis. 

    Pilnik, Shay; Perelis, Ronnie (New York, NY: Bernard Revel Graduate School ; Judaica Studies @ YU, Rabbi Arthur Schneier School for International Affairs; YU Center for Israel Studies., 2020-07-30)
    Shay Pilnik has recently joined YU as founding director of the Emil A. and Jenny Fish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Yeshiva University. A special program for Tisha be-Av