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2020-07-22The One who remembers those who remember Him - an elegy by R. Shimon Schwab [Heb.] ; הזוכר מזכיריו- קינתו של ר' שמעון שוואבLerner, Dov
2020-09-09The Art & Letters of Repentance — Satanic Verses and the Sound of the Shofar: The Source of Evil in the Eyes of Milton & Rabbi LeviLerner, Dov
2020-09-09The Art & Letters of Repentance— Illuminating the Machzor: The Avot in Medieval ArtKoenigsberg, Chaya Sima
2020-09-13The Art & Letters of Repentance — Kol Nidrei in Culture, History, and Behavioral EconomicsFeldman, Daniel Z.
2020-09-15The Art & Letters of Repentance: Shakespearean Shipwrecks, the Drama of Jonah, and Yom KippurTrapedo, Shaina
2020-09-17The Art & Letters of Repentance — The Most Famous Artistic Image of Yom Kippur: Maurycy Gottlieb's Meditation on the Machzor and MortalitySoloveichik, Meir
2021-02-14Esther|Live With Rabbi Dr. Stuart Halpern and Dr. Erica Brown. (video)Halpern, Stuart; Brown, Erica
2021-02-18Esther in America - Lincoln & Esther: A Study in Statesmanship . (video)Wellspring Media
2021-02-19Esther in America - From the Palace of Shushan to Uncle Tom's Cabin. (video)Wellspring Media
2021-02-19Esther in America - Haman in the American Revolution. (video)Wellspring Media; Anuch
2021-02-25The Bishop & The Rabbi with Rabbi Stu Halpern: Torah Portion Tetzaveh.Halpern, Stuart; Stearns, Robert
2021-10-28Remembering Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt"l: 5782Lerner, Dov; Introduction by Shoshana Schechter, associate dean of Torah studies and spiritual life at Stern College