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    • God Delivered the Pilgrims—and My People 

      Soloveichik, Meir (Dow Jones, 2013-10-22)
      Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik reflects on the convergence of Thanksgiving with the first day of Hanukkah.
    • God’s Providence and the United States: A Thanksgiving Reader on Judaism and the American Idea 

      Soloveichik, Meir (Yeshiva University:, 2013-11-13)
      Much has been made in the media of the fact that Thanksgiving occurs this year on the first day of Chanukah. While this has provided much fodder for humorous remarks about "Thanksgivukkah," in fact, the convergence of ...
    • When Lincoln died on Passover 

      Soloveichik, Meir (ISSN: 2641-094X, 1083-3013, 2015-04-20)
      Abstract: Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik explores the historical and theological significance of Lincoln's death, which occurred over Passover 1865.
    • Dignity in Flames 

      Lerner, Dov (First Things, 2019-12-23)
      Rabbi Dr. Dov. Lerner remarks on the tension between the pure halakhic utility of the Chanukah candles and their public symbolism.
    • Simchat Torah, the Cain Mutiny, and religious responsibility 

      Halpern, Stuart (RIETS • The Benjamin and Rose Berger CJF Torah To-Go Series • Sukkot 5781, 2020)
      Utilizing the philosophy of Rabbi Norman Lamm, Rabbi Dr. Stu Halpern explores the differences and similarities between the brotherly tales of Cain and Abel and Joseph and his brothers.
    • The Not-So-Strange Death of Israel’s Labor Party 

      Rogachevsky, Neil (American Affairs Foundation, Inc., 2020)
      Though he ultimately could not dethrone Netanyahu, Benny Gantz in 2019 and 2020 succeeded by running an old Labor Party–style campaign—but without laborers. Like earlier Labor candidates, Gantz was a general, patriotic ...
    • Six Perspectives on the Yamin Noraim — Home Shuling: Patience in a Pandemic 

      Koenigsberg, Chaya Sima (NY, New York: Yeshiva University, 2020)
      Writing for Yeshiva University's Rosh Hashanah 5781 Torah To-Go, Straus Center Resident Scholar Dr. Chaya Sima Koenigsberg reflects on transitioning from a Rosh Hashanah centered on synagogue service to a Rosh Hashanah ...
    • Freedom and the Flames of Faith: A Tribute to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, zt”l 

      Lerner, Dov (, 2020)
      Writing for YU Chanukah To-Go, Straus Center Resident Scholar Rabbi Dov Lerner makes the case for Chanukah as a celebration of, in the words of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, "personal responsibility for the moral-spiritual order."
    • What the Bible Taught Lincoln About America 

      Soloveichik, Meir (Dow Jones & Co., Inc., 2020-02-15)
      Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik tracks Lincoln's use of the Bible in his presidential speeches and remarks.
    • Review: Esther: Power, fate, and fragility in exile 

      Halpern, Stuart (Rabbinical Council of America, 2020-03-04)
      Rabbi Dr. Stu Halpern reviews Erica Brown's book on Esther — Esther: Power, Fate, and Fragility in Exile — from Maggid Books for Tradition.
    • Haman, builder of towers, brother of abraham? 

      Halpern, Stuart (Eric Cohen, 2020-03-05)
      Rabbi Dr. Stu Halpern reviews Adam J. Silverstein's Veiling Esther, Unveiling Her Story: The Reception of a Biblical Book in Islamic Lands, which explores how the book of Esther was read, understood, and used in Muslim ...
    • Queen Esther, a hero of our time. 

      Soloveichik, Meir (The New York Times, 2020-03-08)
      A paradox of Jewish fragility and heroism. A perplexing paradox lies at the heart of Purim, the holiday celebrated this week by Jews around the world. No day is more associated with Jewish joy; yet rightly understood...
    • Spare Your People a Fourth Election, O Israel, and Form a Minority Government 

      Rogachevsky, Neil (Bee.Ideas, LLC (The Tikvah Fund), 2020-03-12)
      Minority governments are thus not a panacea. They are weaker than majorities; they don’t last; and they complicate the business of parliamentary government. But at least they allow that business to take place and thereby ...
    • Liel Leibovitz expertly explores superheroes’ Jewish roots and Stan Lee in new biography. 

      Halpern, Stuart (TRIBE Media, 2020-03-24)
      The author reviews Liel Leibovitz's new biography of Stan Lee — Stan Lee: A Life in Comics — which explores the Jewish roots of superheroes like Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk.
    • Was Exodus a trick? 

      Halpern, Stuart (Eric Cohen, 2020-04-02)
      Rabbi Dr. Stu Halpern examines the different levels of deceit and wiliness that God displays in the book of Exodus.
    • Satan at the Seder. 

      Halpern, Stuart (Nextbook, 2020-04-06)
      How one not-quite-biblical book gives us a very different read on the familiar Passover story.
    • The Exodus: America's ever-present inspiration 

      Halpern, Stuart (The Lehrhaus, 2020-04-13)
      Rabbi Dr. Stu Halpern surveys the various ways the story of Passover has served as a source of inspiration for America.
    • How to pray in a plague. 

      Halpern, Stuart (Nextbook, 2020-05-01)
      Three times a day, Jews are asked to do something very difficult and essential to our well-being
    • "We Were All Born in Jerusalem": A Never-Before Translated Speech by Menachem Begin 

      Rogachevsky, Neil; Begin, Menchem (2020-05-14)
      Given by Menachem Begin at a commemorative event for the Soviet city of Brisk, which served as a home for 20,000 Jews before they were slaughtered by the Nazis, this newly translated speech (courtesy of Straus Center ...
    • Friendship in the fields of Moab 

      Halpern, Stuart (2020-05-27)
      Rabbi Dr. Stu Halpern analyzes the friendship between Ruth and Naomi through the philosophy of C. S. Lewis.