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  • POL 2390: WMDs: Old Challenges and New Problems 

    Zaitseva, Maria N. (2021-01)
    Course Description and Objectives: The course introduces students to the challenges posed by the invention and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and asks students to think critically and creatively about ...
  • POL 2185H: Power and Public Policy 

    Incantalupo, Matthew (2021-01)
    Course Overview: An exploration of the relationship between policy and economic outcomes—or "who gets what"—in the United States. We will examine the causes of rising inequality and its effects on American democracy, with ...
  • POL 2215: Latin American Politics 

    Losson, Pierre (2019-09)
    1. Course description How did colonialism influence Latin America’s lasting affair with authoritarianism? Why and how have most Latin American countries transitioned from authoritarianism to democracy? What role does ...
  • POL 2170: Media and Politics 

    Incantalupo, Matthew (2021-01)
    Course Overview: The mass media is an important political institution and has played an indispensable role in American political history. In order to fully grasp American politics, it is essential we understand how citizens ...
  • POL 1305: American Foreign Policy 

    Zaitseva, Maria (2021-01)
    Course Description and Objectives: The course examines the sources and conduct of U.S. foreign policy in both historical and theoretical perspectives. The first part of the course explores the domestic and international ...
  • POL 1401: Great Political Thinkers: Ancient Political Thought 

    Rogachevsky, Neil (2021-01)
    Course Description It has been commonly said that Western Civilization—of which America has long been considered a part—was formed through the combination of, or creative tension between, the ideas typified by two cities: ...
  • POL 1201: Politics Across Cultures 

    Panzarelli, Alexandra (2021-01)
    1. Course Description Why do some countries enjoy democracy while others endure dictatorships? What is the relationship between political institutions and economic development? How can we account for similarities and/or ...
  • SOC 2701 ; PSY3105: Social Psychology 

    Schnall, Eliezer (2021-01)
    Course Description and Objectives This course is an introduction to social psychology, exploring how we think and behave in social situations. Specific topics to be covered include social thinking, social influence, and ...
  • SOC 3002: Sociological Theory 

    Castellon, Ignacia (2021-01)
    Synopsis: This lecture course offers an introduction to influential ways of thinking sociologically that emerged after World War I, and which develop on, and transform, original themes of the foundational decades of ...
  • SOC 2407: Epidemiology 

    Kimmel, Daniel M. (2021-01)
    Overview: Experimental and Quantitative Methods “Experimental and Quantitative Methods” (EXQM) courses teach students to appreciate scientific thinking in the social and natural sciences and to employ quantitative and ...
  • PHI 2170: Ancient & Medieval Philosophy 

    Johnson, David A. (2021-01)
    Goal of the Course: The goal is to become properly familiar with (and with the merits of) certain famous arguments from antiquity and the Middle Ages.
  • PHI 1600: Ethics 

    Johnson, David A. (2021-01)
    Goal of the Course: The goal of this course is for you to become properly familiar with (and with the merits of) certain important concepts, claims, and arguments pertaining to the existence and nature of morality.
  • MUS 1371: American Music: Rock, Rhythm, & Blues 

    Schapiro, Jon (2021-01)
    SYLLABUS, Spring 2021 Précis: This course examines the development of American popular, vernacular music, especially in the 20th century, with attention to the special, and very American, syncretism of European and ...
  • MUS 2105: Music Fundamentals 

    Schapiro, Jon (2021-01)
    Objectives & Goals This course teaches students to read music and understand basic concepts in musical grammar and organization. There are no prerequisites. Be the end of the course, students will be able to: * understand ...
  • MUS 1111: Sense of Music 

    Beliavsky, Daniel (2021-01)
    OVERVIEW This course examines Western musical works, composers, and aesthetics from antiquity to the present. Central to our curriculum are the questions: “what are music’s meanings?” and “how can music communicate ...
  • MAT 2461: Probability Theory 

    Belbruno, Edward (2021-01)
    Course objectives: Basic concepts of probability. Single and multiple random variables, distributions. Theory and applications.
  • MAT 1412: Calculus I 

    Li, Yan (2016-01)
    First semester: limits, continuity, derivatives; applications to graphing, maxima and minima, and related rates; mean value theorem; integration, fundamental theorem of the calculus, integration by substitution. Second ...
  • JHI 1341: Sepharad: The Jews of Medieval Spain 

    Perelis, Ronnie (2020-09)
    This course will investigate the cultural history of the Jews of Spain (the Sephardim), from the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in 711 until the expulsion of 1492. Medieval Spain, with its vibrant Muslim and ...
  • ENG 4001: Senior Colloquium 

    Mesch, Rachel (2021-01)
    This course provides students majoring in English with a culminating, “capstone” experience, which forges links between your previous courses while directing you towards new paths of inquiry. Concluding with a Senior Final ...
  • ENG 3042: Milton and Religion 

    Lavinsky, David; Lerner, Dovd (2019-09)
    This course focuses on the life and work of John Milton (1608-74), with special attention to Paradise Lost in its literary and historical contexts. We will seek to understand how Milton's religious knowledge illuminates ...

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