Syllabi are provided for general information about course scope and content. Syllabi are subject to change in Fall, 2021. For all matters pertaining to Fall, 2021 versions of courses, please consult instructors.

Recent Submissions

  • ART2202: Art and Design 

    Aurich, Carla (2020-09)
    This class is an introduction to the basic fundamentals of design and color. Design is the organization or arrangement of elements to form a visual pattern. This course will focus on the process of visual thinking and ...
  • ART 3005: Intro to Graphic Design Syllabus 

    Schwartz, Esther (2021-01)
    ►Graphic Design is everywhere, from billboards on the street, books you read, title credits on movies, to menus at restaurants, yet many people have a hard time describing exactly what it is. Essentially, graphic design ...
  • ART1650H: Architecture of the Synagogue 

    Glassman, Paul (2019-09)
    We shall examine the forms, materials, and structures of synagogues, the centers of Jewish communal life and worship, from their beginnings in the ancient world to the twentieth century. Using the comparative method, ...
  • ART2301 Principles of Drawing, crn 11287 

    Aurich, Carla (2021-01)
    ►This course will cover a series of drawing fundamentals. The goal of this course is the development of a basic vocabulary of drawing as a visual expression and personal language. We will follow a general progression ...
  • ART1832: Architectural Design Studio 

    Glassman, Paul (2019)
    ►You will explore the process of architectural design through a series of increasingly complex discoveries of how spaces are made. The focus will be on the development of the visual and verbal skills needed to approach ...