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Recent Submissions

  • Topics: Philosophy of Rabbi Sacks - 15412 - JPHI 4934H - E 

    Lerner, Dov (2021-09)
    Course Overview The aim of this class is to explore the thought of perhaps the most renowned and influential teachers of Judaism at the start of the twenty-first century: the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. With such a ...
  • JTP1430H: Thought Of Rav Joseph Soloveitchik 

    Carmy, Shalom (2018-09)
    ►Readings in the maran haRav ztl''s major writings, with emphasis on "those that students are afraid to tackle on their own." The lecture will supply background material and contrast in general and Jewish philosophical ...
  • JTP1350: Death, Dying, & the Good Life, crn14328 

    Levin, Chaviva (2019-09)
    Course Description and Objectives: ►In this course we will be examining a range of Jewish ideas surrounding death: we will think about Jewish ways of dying; how Jews have thought about, treated and related to the dead; ...