Syllabi are provided for general information about course scope and content. Syllabi are subject to change in Fall, 2021. For all matters pertaining to Fall, 2021 versions of courses, please consult instructors.

Recent Submissions

  • COM 3571: Data Visualization 

    Medina, Francis Patricia (2019-01)
    Visual representations and tools are widely used in science, business, and government to extract, and effectively share, insights derived from large, dynamic data sets. This use is driven by two realities. First, the ...
  • COM 3590: Data Cleaning & Transformation 

    Medina, Francis Patricia (2021-01)
    Description In real-world situations, data scientists must be able to use data from many dirty, autonomous, and heterogeneous data sources that are far from being ready to be analyzed. Preparing the data for analysis ...
  • COm 1310: Mathematics for Computer Science 

    Kelly, Van (2021-01)
    Description The course will introduce students to a variety of topics in discrete mathematics that are essential for a Computer Science career. It emphasizes mathematical definitions and proofs as well as applicable methods. ...
  • COM 3930: Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing 

    Rosenfeld, Avi (2021-01)
    Description Vast amounts of information is created in the form of unstructured data – web pages, social media posts, emails, presentations, analysts’ reports, news content, etc. The ability to extract useful information ...
  • COM 3920: Machine Learning 

    Dutton, Richard (2021-01)
    Description Machine learning's goal is to develop applications whose accuracy in predicting the value of unknown data improves by examining more and more known data. This course introduces the main principles, algorithms, ...
  • COM 3610: Introduction to Operating Systems 

    Wymore, Benjamin (2021-01)
    Description An introduction to operating system design and implementation. The operating system provides a well-known, convenient, and efficient interface between user programs and the bare hardware of the computer on ...
  • COM 1320 : Data Structures 

    Wymore, Benjamin (2021-01)
    Description Data Structures are logical constructs that facilitate organizing and accessing data efficiently. They are also the “raw materials” on which algorithms run. Choosing the right data structures will make or break ...
  • COM 1320 : Data Structures 

    Diament, Judah M. (2021-01)
    Description Data Structures are logical constructs that facilitate organizing and accessing data efficiently. They are also the “raw materials” on which algorithms run. Choosing the right data structures will make or break ...
  • COM 4580H : Cybersecurity 

    Kelly, Van (2021-01)
    Course Objectives This course gives an in-depth survey of the ever-changing front lines of the battle to secure computer-based information, along with a chance to experiment with offensive and defensive security techniques ...
  • COM 3910: Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning 

    Medina, Francis Patricia (2020-09)
    Data science primarily focuses on identifying patterns and information in existing data, and predicting future data values. To become a highly skilled data scientist one must understand, and know how to properly apply, ...
  • COM 3820: Parallel Programming 

    Leff, Avraham (2020)
    This course will examine basic choices and tradeoffs made in parallel systems, with a strong focus on concurrent programming and parallel algorithm design.
  • COM3800: Intro to Distributed Systems 

    Diament, Judah M. (2019-09)
    Distributed systems enable the aggregation of many networked computers to construct highly available and scalable services. This course will introduce the core challenges of, and approaches to, building distributed systems. ...
  • COM 3760: Artificial Intelligence 

    Rosenfeld, Avi (2020-09)
    The course situates the study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) first in the broader context of popular culture, Philosophy of Mind, and Cognitive Psychology and then treats in-depth methods for automated reasoning, automatic ...
  • COM2545: Introduction to Algorithm 

    Leff, Avraham (2020-09)
  • COM 2512: Computer Networks 

    Kelly, Van (2020-09)
    Prerequisite COM 2113 Computer Organization and Assembly Language; Description COM 2512 covers the operation of computer networks in top-down fashion, starting with the application level and proceeding down the Internet ...
  • COM 2113: Computer Organization and Assembly Language 

    Wymore, Benjamin (2020-09)
    Description COM2113 helps you become a better programmer through understanding the basic concepts underlying all computer hardware systems. You need to know what really happens when your programs run, so that when things ...
  • COM1300: Introduction to Computer Science 

    Diament, Judah M.; Kelly, Van (2020-09)
    This course is both an Introduction to “Computer Science” and an Introduction to “Programming”. Students will get a sense of the sort of problems that can be solved using a computer, get experience writing computer programs ...
  • INTC1032 ; Ancient Egyptian Literature 

    Koller, Aaron (2018-01)
    We will be surveying 2000 years of literature from ancient Egypt, centering around three major interrelated questions: how much a traditional society can change, and in what ways, over the course of such a long time, the ...