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    • COM 2113: Computer Organization and Assembly Language 

      Wymore, Ben (Yeshiva College, Yeshiva University, 2022-08)
      Description COM2113 helps you become a better programmer through understanding the basic concepts underlying all computer hardware systems. You need to know what really happens when your programs run, so that when things ...
    • COM 3820: Parallel Programming 

      Leff, Avraham (2020)
      This course will examine basic choices and tradeoffs made in parallel systems, with a strong focus on concurrent programming and parallel algorithm design.
    • COM 3930: Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing 

      Rosenfeld, Avi (2021-01)
      Description Vast amounts of information is created in the form of unstructured data – web pages, social media posts, emails, presentations, analysts’ reports, news content, etc. The ability to extract useful information ...