Stern exterior Our mission, closely intertwined with the University's Mission Statement, is as follows: "We bring wisdom to life by combining the finest, contemporary academic education with the timeless teachings of Torah. It is Yeshiva's unique dual curriculum, which teaches knowledge enlightened by values, that helps our students gain the wisdom to make their lives both a secular and spiritual success." History of Stern College for Women Founded in 1954 with a major gift from Max Stern, president of Hartz Mountain Products, Stern College for Women is a pioneer in the field of women's education. We offer women the unprecedented opportunity to earn their bachelor's degree in the arts and sciences and immerse themselves in rigorous Jewish studies at the same time, in the same place.

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  • Representations of Imagination in Four Picture Books 

    Blokh, Noa (2021-12-08)
    Although the content of picture books can be written off as merely for children, picture books are possibly the most impactful books written because of the impressionable age at which they are first read (Nel 87), and thus, ...
  • One Who Has Acquired a Good Name Has Acquired Something for Himself1: Named Entity Recognition on Talmudic Texts 

    Bruce, Adina (2021-12-27)
    Abstract In this paper, I will explore the intersection between Natural Language Processing and Talmudic texts. I worked with Professor Joshua Waxman at the Stern Natural Language Processing Lab during this research project ...
  • The Search for a Targeted Treatment Against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer 

    Birnbaum, Netania (2021-12-09)
    Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer worldwide, having surpassed lung cancer in 2020. It is the most common type of cancer to affect women in almost every country, and can and does occur in males, but more ...
  • Identification of Changes in Phosphoproteome of Mouse Spermatocytes Upon Inhibition of Sumoylation 

    Applebaum, Noa (2021-12)
    Across the globe, approximately 15% of couples experience infertility issues with about 50% of cases primarily due to a male factor (Agarwal et al., 2021). While some causes of infertility have been attributed to the ...
  • The Yeshiva University Observer ; Purim 2004 / Adar 5764 

    Raice, Shayndi; Cyrulnik, Rachel (2004-03)
  • The Yeshiva University Observer ; March 2004 

    Raice, Shayndi; Cyrulnik, Rachel (2004-03)
  • The Yeshiva University Observer ; September 2005 

    Levin, Ilana; Wieder, Adinah (2005-09)
  • The YU Observer ; May 2005 

    Flaschner-Berko, Esther; Rosenberg, Rebecca (2005-05)
  • The Yeshiva University Observer ; February 2004 

    Cyrulnik, Rachel; Raice, Shayndi (2004-02)
  • Interacting bosons in a triple well: Preface of many-body quantum chaos 

    Santos, Lea F.; Wittmann W., Karin; Castro, E.R.; Foester, Angela (, 2021-11)
    Systems of interacting bosons in triple-well potentials are of significant theoretical and experimental interest. They are explored in contexts that range from quantum phase transitions and quantum dynamics to semiclassical ...
  • BIBL2355D: Book of Kings 

    Mermelstein, Ari (2021-09)
    The author of Sefer Melakhim narrates historical events ranging over hundreds of years, but his approach to writing history differs from that of modern historians. Perhaps the most obvious distinction between their ...
  • ECON 1010 - D1 & E Principles of Economics 

    Kahn, James A. (2021-01)
    This course is a basic one-semester introduction to economics, covering both microeconomics (how individuals and businesses make resource decisions, and the functioning of specific markets); and macroeconomics (the ...
  • ECON 1177 Game Theory & Behavioral Econonics 

    Hashimoto, Tadashi (2020-01)
    Course Description This course introduces basic techniques of game theory and provides a wide range of economic and other social-scientific applications. Game theory—developed by economists, mathematicians, behavioral ...
  • ECON-2531-L Health Economics 

    Utzinger, Robert (2021-01)
    Objectives of the Course: Application of economic tools and concepts to the analysis of the US health care system and public health. Effects of health care on health, hospital behavior, health care workforce supply and ...
  • COMP 1320C Data Structures 

    Broder, Alan J. (2021-01)
    Overview: This course provides a survey of fundamental data structures and algorithms needed to implement efficient, scalable programs. Upon successful completion of this course you will have mastered the material needed ...
  • COMP 1300C Introduction to Computer Science 

    Broder, Alan J. (2021-01)
    Overview: Programming is an essential skill for students with an interest in mathematics, science, engineering, business, and of course Computer Science. This course introduces the application of Computer Science concepts ...
  • COMP 3610-B Operating Systems 

    Teitelman, Lawrence (2021-01)
    Prerequisites: ● Ability to code in a high-level programming language, and willingness to learn others as needed ● Familiarity with basic data structures
  • COMP 3563-D1 Database Systems 

    Teitelman, Lawrence (2021-01)
    Prerequisites: ● Data Structures (COMP 1320) ● Ability to program in Python ______ Course Objectives: Through this course, students should be able to ● design a database using appropriate normal forms ● apply the ...
  • COMP 3650 Object Oriented Software Design 

    Waxman, Joshua (2021-01)
    Overview: The major theme of this course is how to structure real, large programming projects, in a way that they are easy to maintain across the product lifetime. Our Java programs will consist of multiple classes, in ...
  • COMP 1001C-EF Programming for Non-CS Majors 

    Teitelman, Lawrence (2021-01)
    Prerequisites: ● None, other than a desire to l earn and explore and have fun i n the process �� ____ Course Objectives: Students completing this course should be able to ● Identify the components of a computer and ...

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