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Recent Submissions

  • JST1640/SOC1211: Biblical Archeology 

    Katz, Jill (Yeshiva College, Yeshiva University, 2022-08)
    This course will introduce students to archaeological data (including texts) from the Land of Israel during the biblical period. • Students will gain biblical cultural literacy and think critically about Biblical peoples. o ...
  • SOC 2701 ; PSY3105: Social Psychology 

    Schnall, Eliezer (2021-01)
    Course Description and Objectives This course is an introduction to social psychology, exploring how we think and behave in social situations. Specific topics to be covered include social thinking, social influence, and ...
  • SOC 3002: Sociological Theory 

    Castellon, Ignacia (2021-01)
    Synopsis: This lecture course offers an introduction to influential ways of thinking sociologically that emerged after World War I, and which develop on, and transform, original themes of the foundational decades of ...
  • SOC 2407: Epidemiology 

    Kimmel, Daniel M. (2021-01)
    Overview: Experimental and Quantitative Methods “Experimental and Quantitative Methods” (EXQM) courses teach students to appreciate scientific thinking in the social and natural sciences and to employ quantitative and ...
  • SOC2502 / HBSI1009: Interrogating Masculinities 

    Kimmel, Daniel M. (2016-09)
    in the social sciences. Students will examine the complexity of human behavior and/or social institutions and draw conclusions from empirical research through the theoretical approaches of at least two social science ...
  • SOC1001: Introduction to Sociology 

    Kimmel, Daniel M. (2020-09)
    Overview What is sociology? The answer depends on who you ask. Even founders of the discipline did not typically agree: Emile Durkheim said that sociology is the objective, scientific study of social facts as things, much ...