Syllabi are provided for general information about course scope and content. Syllabi are subject to change in Fall, 2021. For all matters pertaining to Fall, 2021 versions of courses, please consult instructors.

Recent Submissions

  • HEB1030: Intermediate Hebrew II 

    Glaser, Chaya (2020-09)
    Goals: Master the concepts that underpin Modern Hebrew vocabulary and grammar through 4 skills: קריאה, כתיבה, שמיעה ודיבור . This class level is the third course in what is generally known as level Gimel in Hebrew ...
  • HEB1010: Beginning Hebrew 

    Glaser, Chaya (2020-09)
    This is the first course in what is generally known as level Aleph in Hebrew language instruction. Level Aleph is designed to bring students from the beginner level to the upper-intermediate level. Students will internalize ...