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    • ECO 2005H: Economics & the Law 

      Grivoyannis, Elias C. (2019-01)
      Why take a course in Economics and the Law Economics is the most advanced of the social sciences, and the legal system contains many parallels to and overlaps with the systems that economists have studied successfully. ...
    • ECO1010: Principles of Economics 

      Bloise, Gaetano (2020-09)
      Course objectives The purpose of this course is to initiate students to the basic principles of economics and to provide them with an understanding of several economic phenomena in a modern society. The course is split ...
    • ECO1421: Econometrics 

      Hadavand, Aboozar (2015-09)
      Course Description: This is an introduction to specification, estimation (simple and multiple regression analysis), and hypothesis testing. After reviewing the Gauss-Markov assumptions, the course departs from those ...