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    • ECO 1177: Game Theory 

      Hashimoto, Tadashi (2020-09)
      Course Description: This course introduces basic techniques of game theory and provides a wide range of economic and other social-scientific applications. Game theory—developed by economists, mathematicians, behavioral ...
    • ECO1010: Principles of Economics 

      Bloise, Gaetano (2020-09)
      Course objectives The purpose of this course is to initiate students to the basic principles of economics and to provide them with an understanding of several economic phenomena in a modern society. The course is split ...
    • ECO1421: Econometrics 

      Hadavand, Aboozar (2015-09)
      Course Description: This is an introduction to specification, estimation (simple and multiple regression analysis), and hypothesis testing. After reviewing the Gauss-Markov assumptions, the course departs from those ...