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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01ENG0010/0011 - ESL: Intro to CollegeSilbermintz, Norma
2019-09ENG/CUOT 1006: The MonstrousLavinsky, David
2019-09ENG 3042: Milton and ReligionLavinsky, David; Lerner, Dovd
2020-01ENG1680: Writing for the Workplace: Technical CommunicationPuretz, David
2020-01ENG 1034: Stranger Things: The Art of the Unreal (INTC)Lavinsky, David
2020-09ENG1020: First Year Writing - HonorsStewart, Elizabeth
2020-09ENG1009: France And Its Others (CUOT)Mesch, Rachel
2021-01ENG 1001: Books on Books, Films on FilmsGeyh, Paula
2021-01ENG1026: Face to Face: Complex Modern Identities in Contemporary Film (COWC)Stewart, Elizabeth
2021-01ENG1020: First Year Writing (FYWR)Silbermintz, Norma
2021-01ENG INTC 1041: Spoiler Alert: Modern Storytelling Across GenresMesch, Rachel
2021-01ENG 1721: Introduction to Creative Writing: Bridging Poetry and ProseTrimboli, Brian
2021-01ENG 2010: Interpreting Texts: Literary Reading and Critical PracticeLavinsky, David
2021-01ENG INTC 1005H: Parisian Views: Spectacle, Reality, and the Invention of Mass CultureMesch, Rachel
2021-01ENG 4001: Senior ColloquiumMesch, Rachel
2021-01ENG 1002: Diaspora Literature (COWC)Stewart, Elizabeth
2022-08ENG1013/INTC1013: Words to Live By: Literature, Morality, and EntertainmentLavinsky, David
2022-08ENG2049: Romantic RevolutionsFitzgerald, Lauren
2022-08ENG1660H: Writing about Illness and MedicineJacobson, Joanne
2022-08ENG1036: Frontiers and Borders: Travel Writing Through the AgesLavinsky, David