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Title: Bittě-Yâ, daughter of Pharaoh (1 Chr 4,18), and Bint(i)-ʿAnat, daughter of Ramesses II
Authors: Steiner, Richard
Keywords: Bittě-Yâ
daughter/granddaughter of Pharaoh
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Peeters
Citation: Steiner, Richard C. “Bittě-Yâ, Daughter of Pharaoh (1 Chr 4,18), and Bint(i)-ʿAnat, Daughter of Ramesses II.” Biblica 79, no. 3 (1998): 394–408.
Series/Report no.: Biblica;79(3)
Abstract: According to 1 Chr 4,18, a Judahite named Mered, who lived in the 12th or 11th century BCE, was married to a "daughter/granddaughter of Pharaoh". The name of the woman, vocalized Bittě-Yâ in the Babylonian and Alexandrian traditions, is Semitic rather than Egyptian, but it exhibits non-Israelite features and is unique in the Bible. It is very similar to Bint(i)-cAnat, the Canaanite name borne by the daughter/wife of Ramesses II in the 13th century BCE. For chronological and other reasons, the biblical Bittě-Yâ cannot be identified with this Egyptian princess/queen of the nineteenth dynasty; however, since many names of Ramesses II's children were re-used in the twentieth dynasty, there may well have been a 12th/11th-century Ramessid lady named Bint(i)-cAnat, perhaps a granddaughter of Ramesses III, who married a Judahite.
Description: Scholarly article
ISSN: EISSN 23852062 ; ISSN 00060887
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