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  • BIBL2355D: Book of Kings 

    Mermelstein, Ari (2021-09)
    The author of Sefer Melakhim narrates historical events ranging over hundreds of years, but his approach to writing history differs from that of modern historians. Perhaps the most obvious distinction between their ...
  • ECON 1010 - D1 & E Principles of Economics 

    Kahn, James A. (2021-01)
    This course is a basic one-semester introduction to economics, covering both microeconomics (how individuals and businesses make resource decisions, and the functioning of specific markets); and macroeconomics (the ...
  • ECON 1177 Game Theory & Behavioral Econonics 

    Hashimoto, Tadashi (2020-01)
    Course Description This course introduces basic techniques of game theory and provides a wide range of economic and other social-scientific applications. Game theory—developed by economists, mathematicians, behavioral ...
  • ECON-2531-L Health Economics 

    Utzinger, Robert (2021-01)
    Objectives of the Course: Application of economic tools and concepts to the analysis of the US health care system and public health. Effects of health care on health, hospital behavior, health care workforce supply and ...
  • COMP 1320C Data Structures 

    Broder, Alan J. (2021-01)
    Overview: This course provides a survey of fundamental data structures and algorithms needed to implement efficient, scalable programs. Upon successful completion of this course you will have mastered the material needed ...
  • COMP 1300C Introduction to Computer Science 

    Broder, Alan J. (2021-01)
    Overview: Programming is an essential skill for students with an interest in mathematics, science, engineering, business, and of course Computer Science. This course introduces the application of Computer Science concepts ...
  • COMP 3610-B Operating Systems 

    Teitelman, Lawrence (2021-01)
    Prerequisites: ● Ability to code in a high-level programming language, and willingness to learn others as needed ● Familiarity with basic data structures
  • COMP 3563-D1 Database Systems 

    Teitelman, Lawrence (2021-01)
    Prerequisites: ● Data Structures (COMP 1320) ● Ability to program in Python ______ Course Objectives: Through this course, students should be able to ● design a database using appropriate normal forms ● apply the ...
  • COMP 3650 Object Oriented Software Design 

    Waxman, Joshua (2021-01)
    Overview: The major theme of this course is how to structure real, large programming projects, in a way that they are easy to maintain across the product lifetime. Our Java programs will consist of multiple classes, in ...
  • COMP 1001C-EF Programming for Non-CS Majors 

    Teitelman, Lawrence (2021-01)
    Prerequisites: ● None, other than a desire to l earn and explore and have fun i n the process �� ____ Course Objectives: Students completing this course should be able to ● Identify the components of a computer and ...
  • COMP 4930H Topics: Natural Language Processing 

    Waxman, Joshua (2021-01)
    Overview: We will explore algorithms for understanding and producing human language. We will consider NLP applications of tokenization, word and sentence segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, morphological analysis, syntax ...
  • COMP 3640 - E Programming Languages 

    Waxman, Joshua (2021-01)
    Overview: In this course, we have three main objectives. ____ (A) We will study features of programming languages and how they are implemented. For instance, when passing parameters to functions, is it pass-by-value, ...
  • CHEM 1010C - KLT Essentials of Chemistry 

    Danley, Lora (2021-01)
    This course will chemistry as it relates to the world around us with emphasis on mastering problem solving skills. ___ Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the scientific concepts presented in class ...
  • CHEM 1377R - L Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

    Drori, Ron (2021-01)
    General description: Biochemistry is the chemical description of biomolecules that interact in living cells and allow organisms to function. In this course, we will use the knowledge obtained in Principles of Biochemistry ...
  • CHEM 1045 - R General Chemistry II 

    Rapp, Chaya (2021-01)
    Course Objectives: This course is the second semester of the two semester General Chemistry course. Students will become familiar with the properties of different states of matter with a close look at liquids, solids and ...
  • CHEM 1214R Organic Chemistry II 

    Drori, Ron; Soussana, Nicole (2021-01)
    General description: Organic chemistry is the basis of various fields; from biology to materials science. Biologists and doctors rely on organic chemistry to explain many of the processes that occur in living organisms. ...
  • CHEM 1047 - L General Chemistry Laboratory Sections DW, CLB 

    Estes, Don (2021-01)
    Goals - To demonstrate many of the principles of chemistry taught in lecture. - To learn the basics of scientific investigation and develop the skills commonly used in chemistry laboratories through virtual exercises or ...
  • CHEM 1125C - NLM Analytical Chemistry 

    Jiang, Jianfeng (2021-01)
    This one semester course will introduce students to the principles and practices of analytical chemistry. This course has several objectives: To give an overview of analytical chemistry and methods of analysis To understand ...
  • CHEM 1376H Biochemistry 

    Deng, Jinzi (2021-01)
    General description: Biochemistry is the chemical description of biomolecules that interact in living cells and allow organisms to function. In this course, we will use our knowledge obtained in organic chemistry to answer ...
  • CHEM 1377H - FRI Biochemistry Laboratory 

    Deng, Jinzi; Firuzeh, Victory (2021-01)
    Objective: This course is designed for students who have completed at least two years of laboratory chemistry and one semester of biochemistry lecture. The focus will be on purification of proteins and analysis of protein ...

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