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    • JEDU 2319 - AB Teaching Jewish Studies & Fieldwork 

      Rabinovich, Deena S. (2021-09)
      Course objectives: The learner will… Be able to write goals and objectives for individual lessons and for units. Be able to develop a lesson plan with formative/summative assessments as appropriate. Be able to develop ...
    • JEDU 3216 - AW Jewish Education Seminar & Fieldwork 

      Rabinovich, Deena S. (2021-01)
      For Juniors in Jewish Education track; Seminar on Wednesays; 30 hours of fieldwork on Fridays
    • JEDU 3226 - EFW Jewish Education - Student Teaching Seminar 

      Rabinovich, Deena S. (2021-01)
      For Jewish Education student teachers. Analysis of the student-teaching experience. Topics include promoting student motivation, classroom management strategies, student diversity, working with parents and school personnel, ...
    • Jewish Business Ethics - 14077 - JUDS 1502 - B 

      Berman, Saul J. (2021-09)
      Course Purposes: This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the varied approaches in the history and literature of Jewish Law to issues in Jewish business ethics. This will be achieved through ...
    • Jewish Ethics - 13899 - JPHI 1204 - F 

      Shatz, David C. (2021-09)
      This course will examine the nature, basis and scope of Jewish ethics. Our emphasis will be on determining the extent to which Jewish law interacts with secular ethical principles and reasoning, using classical sources, ...
    • Jewish Law & Cust:Family Law I - 13919 - JUDS 1443 - K 

      Price, Nechama Esther (2021-09)
      1. Course Description: This course should serve as a guide through many of the laws of Niddah and related topics. Halacha, as it will be presented, will be traced from its point of origin to modern poskim. However, this ...
    • Jewish Laws & Customst: Family Law - 15421 - JUDS 1440 - F 

      Taubes, Racheli (2021-09)
      Course Description: This course will focus on the laws and values of Jewish marriage and family life. Topics include the Laws of Family Purity, Jewish perspectives on sexuality, childbirth, and parenting. We will also ...
    • Jewish Liturgy-Hilchot Tefilla - 13941 - JUDS 1201 - B 

      Pahmer, David A. (2021-09)
      Course Goals and Objectives: In this course we will learn nearly all of the essential laws of davening- tefilla, particularly as they pertain to women, while developing a picture of how the חז" ל and later רבנים designed ...
    • Jewish Medical Ethics - 15497 - JUDS 1584 - J 

      Laufer, Charles Kalman (2021-09)
      Course Overview This course will explore in depth questions related to lack of capacity and how Halacha deals with individuals who suffer from diseases that cause lack of capacity. Dementia and the diseases that cause it ...
    • JHIS 1001 - J Survey Jewish History 

      Orenbuch, Cali (2021-01)
      Course Objectives: Gain broad based knowledge of Jewish History from the Persian period, the Hellenistic Era, the 2nd Commonwealth (בית שני ), the period of the Mishna and Gemara ___ Political, social, economic, and ...
    • JHIS 1150 - M History of Jerusalem 

      Katz, Jill C. (2021-09)
      Course Description This course surveys the religious, political, and cultural history of Jerusalem over three millennia. The course content will focus on the transformation of sacred space as reflected by literary and ...
    • JHIS 1150 - M History of Jerusalem 

      Katz, Jill C. (2021-01)
      Course Description This course surveys the religious, political, and cultural history of Jerusalem over three millennia. The course content will focus on the transformation of sacred space as reflected by literary and ...
    • JHIS 1201 - L Classical Jewish History 

      Hidary, Richard J. (2021-09)
      This course will survey the history of the Jews during the Diaspora, Second Temple and Rabbinic periods (600BCE-600CE). This period is witness to the development of many aspects of Judaism as we know it today, such as, the ...
    • JHIS 1235 - K Dead Sea Scrolls 

      Hidary, Richard J. (2021-01)
      Welcome to the exciting world of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This archaeological treasure has given us a window into the critical junction between the Bible and the Mishnah. Some of these texts may seem strange and surprising ...
    • JHIS 1301: Medieval Jewish History 

      Levin, Chaviva (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
      COURSE DESCRIPTION: Studying Jewish history provides students with an awareness of the different events that have befallen the Jewish people within the Land of Israel and in the countries of their sojourns in the Diaspora. ...
    • JHIS 1321 - F Jews In Christendom 

      Levin, Chaviva (2021-01)
      In this course we will explore the experiences of Jews in the Middle Ages in the orbits of Christianity. We will examine Jewish cultural and intellectual developments in the contexts in which they occur as well as study ...
    • JHIS 1327H - NPG The Tosafists 

      Kanarfogel, Ephraim (2021-09)
      The literary and juridical creativity of Ashkenazic scholarship in the 12th and 13th centuries. 2.000 TO 3.000 Credit hours
    • JHIS 1329H: Topics in the History of Halakhah 

      Kanarfogel, Ephraim (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-09)
      This course will analyze several variegated topics related to מסכת עבודה זרה , using a wide range of texts of the rishonim. Through careful consideration of the historical and conceptual underpinnings of these works and ...
    • JHIS 1335 - K The Jews of Medieval Spain 

      Perelis, Ronnie (2021-09)
      This course will investigate the cultural history of the Jews of Spain (the Sephardim), from the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in 711 until the expulsion of 1492. Medieval Spain, with its vibrant Muslim and ...
    • JHIS 1344: Jewish Exegetical Polemics 

      Grunhaus, Naomi (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-09)
      ¶This course explores the strategies Jews employed in response to Christian interpretations of Tanakh. The course traces the conflict between the two religions from its beginnings until modern times, concentrating ...