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    • MUSI 2112 Diatonic Harmony & Counterpoint II 

      Glaser, David (2021-01)
      MUS 2111 is the second in a sequence of four courses in music theory. The prerequisite for this course is Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint I (MUS 2111) or the permission of the instructor. Students in MUS 2112 are strongly ...
    • MUSI 2112L - CLB Elementary Ear Training 

      Dorn, Stanley (2021-01)
      The goal of this course is to improve your sight singing skills and listening perception. To this end, we will work on understanding the melodic and harmonic implications of the melodies we will sing and the ways the ...
    • MUSI 4930: Topics: Music of the Beatles – Form and Expression 

      Dorn, Stanley (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-09)
      GOALS and OBJECTIVES: This course continues the process, begun in Sense of Music, of exploring the ways in which the materials of musical composition combine to create a complete and coherent art work in the ears and mind ...
    • MUSI 4931: Introduction to the Guitar 

      Dorn, Stanley (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
      This is a first course in guitar. The approach is two-pronged, using a folk-based style to teach basic accompanying skills and a classical approach to teach note reading and the ability to play more complex textures. As ...
    • Music Theory I - 13935 - MUSI 2111 - L 

      Glaser, David (2021-09)
      Structural foundations of music and their applications to the reading, sight singing, playing, writing and analysis of melodies, as well as to the writing and playing of simple chordal accompaniments and of four-part ...
    • Music: Romantic & Modern Eras - 14812 - MUSI 1351 - K 

      Glaser, David (2021-09)
      Musical practices in the 19th and 20th centuries, beginning with Beethoven's monumental and universal works and their influence on later generations; the increase in chromaticism through the romantic era, the breakdown of ...
    • Personality - 13894 - PSYC 3800 - N 

      Messer, Sylvie (2021-09)
      Course Description: This course is an introduction to the major theories of personality, structure, and dynamics of normal and abnormal personality development, research methods used to test theories and clinical diagnostic ...
    • Personality - 14109 - PSYC 3800 - K 

      Malka, Ariel (2021-09)
      Course Description: Personality refers to characteristic patterns of experience and behavior and the psychological mechanisms that underlie such patterns. This course will introduce students to theory, research methods, ...
    • PHIL 1320: Theories of the Mind 

      Shatz, David (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
      This course will examine major philosophical (and in some cases psychological) theories and arguments concerning the nature of mind and mental life. We will explore the philosophical implications of those theories for ...
    • PHIL 1710: Religion and Philosophy 

      Shatz, David (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
      Traditionally, the philosophy of religion critically examines (1) the central concepts of religion, particularly monotheistic religions and (2) arguments for and against religious belief and practice. In the past few ...
    • PHIL 2170 - E Ancient & Medieval Philosophy 

      Shatz, David C. (2021-09)
      From the pre-Socratics to Thomas Aquinas, with emphasis on Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas. 3.000 Credit hours COURSE OBJECTIVES The general aim of this course is to introduce students to the major figures, ...
    • PHIL 2420 Modern Philosophy 

      Shatz, David (2021-01)
      This course counts toward Foundations. The course is online and predominantly synchronous. OBJECTIVES The general aim of this course is to introduce students to the major philosophical figures, movements, problems, ...
    • PHIL 2420 Science and Religion 

      Shatz, David (2021-01)
      This course focuses on differing models for understanding the relationship between religion and science, with emphasis on how the models fare in the light of contemporary thinking in science, philosophy, and religion. ...
    • PHIL 3402 - D1 Philosophy of Law ; POLI 2491 - D1 Topics: Philosophy of Law 

      Shatz, David C. (2021-09)
      This course will critically explore fundamental questions about: • the duty to obey law • the nature of law, and in particular the relationship between law and morality • constitutional interpretation (a hot and vital ...
    • PHIL 3500 C Medical Ethics 

      Leventer, Herb (2021-01)
      Principles of medical ethics
    • PHIL 3620 - C Environmental Ethics; POLI 2499 - C Topics: Environmental Ethics 

      Leventer, Herb (2021-09)
      PHIL 3620 - Environmental Ethics This course analyzes the ethical bases for the preservation and conservation of non-human and even non-living things (like the everglades) not just for mans benefit, but also for their ...
    • Philo. of Rav Soloveitchik - 14183 - JPHI 1845 - G 

      Schimmel, Ilan S. (2021-09)
      Course Objectives The religious philosophy of R. Soloveitchik has significantly impacted the modern orthodox Jewish community as well as the trajectory of contemporary Jewish thought. Understanding and appreciating why ...
    • PHYS 1031L Introductory Physics Lab 

      Edelman, Mark (2021-09)
      The goal of this course is to introduce students to laboratory procedures and learn to keep an accurate record of their experiments and results. Laboratory work is an essential part of science because it is how we test ...
    • PHYS 1031R- F Introductory Physics Lecture ; PHYS 1031T - GM Introductory Physics Recitation 

      Santos, Lea F. (2021-09)
      PHY 1031 is the first part of a two-semester algebra-based Introductory Physics course. You will learn basic physical concepts of mechanics and fluids.