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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01HIST 3001 - C Ideas of History IStenhouse, William
2020-01ECON 1177 Game Theory & Behavioral EcononicsHashimoto, Tadashi
2020-09SPEE 2090: Play ProductionGottfried, Ethel Leah
2021Introduction to Statistics: STAT 1021NUy, Naomi
2021-01BIBL4931HC: Genesis & Ethics - Fall 2021Lerner, Dov
2021-01Introduction to Statistics STAT 1021 KKest, Benjamin
2021-01Sociology of Deviance SOCI 1116-CLanger, Sidney
2021-01PSYC 1107 Developmental Psychology: LifespanEbner, Rachel
2021-01PSYC 2414 – B Abnormal PsychologyGreif, Rebecca; Gittleman, Jennifer
2021-01PSYC 1110-M Cognitive And Social Development Of The ChildChalik, Lisa; 0000-0001-9188-1787
2021-01PSYC 2150C Cognitive PsychologyBacon, Joshua
2021-01PSYC 1107L Developmental Psychology: Life SpanHochberg, Shira
2021-01PSYC 3800 - J PersonalityKolidas, Evelyn A.
2021-01PSYC H 2153 Mind, Language, and ConsciousnessBacon, Joshua
2021-01Sociology Of Mass Media “The American Jewish Experience Through The Lens Of Cinema” SOCI 1934 PQTGoldman, Eric
2021-01PSYC 3128H - N Seminar in Moral PsychologyChalik, Lisa; 0000-0001-9188-1787
2021-01PSYC 2100C-L Experimental PsychologyChalik, Lisa; Wildstein, Nicole; Best, Rachel; Ferstenberg, Ayden; 0000-0001-9188-1787
2021-01PSYC 4926K Cognitive Behavioral Theory in PracticeBotvinick, Jason
2021-01PSYC 3804 PsychobiologyBacon, Joshua
2021-01PSYC 3800-M PersonalityFerstenberg, Yocheved Ayden