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    • ENGL 2810H - K Harlem Renaissance 

      Peters, Ann (2021-01)
      In the 1920s and 1930s, between World War I and the Great Depression, African American culture experienced a flourishing both in literature and the arts known as the Harlem Renaissance. The goal of this course is to give ...
    • ENGL 2901 - N Introduction to Women Studies 

      Nachumi, Nora (2021-01)
      This course is an introduction to Women’s Studies, an interdisciplinary field that grew out of the twentieth-century women’s movement. In its early years, those in the field concentrated on the “absence” of women (from ...
    • ENGL 3792 - L American Autobiography 

      Peters, Ann (2021-01)
      This course will examine the development of American autobiography from the early captivity narratives written in the colonial period to the contemporary memoirs of today. We’ll begin by focusing on a few early examples ...