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Recent Submissions

  • BIOL4935 / PSY3810: Behavioral Neuroendocrinology 

    Rollhaus, Esther (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
    Behavioral Neuroendocrinology is an advanced psychology course that examines hormonal effects on the brain and behavior. This course investigates the role of hormones in sex differences, parental behavior, learning ...
  • BIOL4930 / PUB4931: Biology and Public Health 

    Katz, Amanda (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
    The goal of this course is to educate students on the convergence of Biology and Public Health. We will engage with diseases whose impact on the individual impacts society and diseases where societal norms and standards ...
  • BIOL3830RN: Intro to Neurobiology 

    Alves, Chrystian Junqueira (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
    Neurobiology is the branch of biology that deals with nervous system functions and structures. More specifically, it focuses on the cells and tissues of the nervous system and ways in which they form structures and ...
  • BIOL3735: Biology of Women’s Health 

    Rosanel, Sarah (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
    Learning objectives: “Women's health refers to the branch of medicine that focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and conditions that affect a woman's physical and emotional well-being”. In this class, you ...
  • BIOL4930EW: Kinesiology 

    Weis, Danielle (2021-01)
    Welcome to Kinesiology! The goal of this course is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of human motion. We will primarily explore the three major components of kinesiology: musculoskeletal anatomy, neuromuscular ...
  • BIOL4023C / 4023Y: Microbiology 

    Schuck, Alyssa (2021-01)
    This course will provide students with an understanding of the ubiquitous nature of microorganisms, as well as an appreciation for the vital interactions between microbes and the human world. Microbial cells will be discussed ...
  • BIOL3830: Neurobiology 

    Mirjany, Mana (2021-01)
    This neuroscience course provides a comprehensive introduction to the mammalian nervous system, with particular emphasis on the structure and function of the human nervous system. The primary goal of modern neuroscience ...

    Vigodner, Margarita (2021-01)
    This course will review major human metabolic pathways with the focus on biochemical alterations that accompany a wide range of human diseases and conditions. An emphasis will also be on advanced methods of molecular ...
  • BIOL3728Y: Human Physiology Laboratory 

    Berger, Tehilla (2021-01)
    Natural science laboratories are designed to be hands on and in person experiences for students. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, last semester did not allow for that, and the Biology Dept. understands that many students ...
  • BIOL3728C: Human Physiology 

    Weiss, Richard (2021-01)
    Goals: To gain a fundamental understanding of basic principles of physiology in an integrated fashion. Understanding how each organ system operates at both a cellular level and functional level is the first goal, with ...
  • BIOL3521H: Molecular Biology Honors 

    Alayev, Anya (2021-01)
    The goal of the Molecular Biology course is to introduce students to the concepts and principles of molecular biology and learn their applications. The main topics that will be covered are: structure of DNA, RNA and proteins, ...
  • BIOL3521H: Molecular Biology Lab 

    Alayev, Anya (2021-01)
    The goal of the lab is for students to learn a variety of molecular biology techniques and use them during the course of a rigorous semester-long project. Students will learn how to set up and perform experiments independently ...
  • BIO3513D: Genetics 

    Babich, H. (2021-01)
    Course goals and abjectives: Goal #1. Students will acquire an understanding of the laws of genetics as applied, in particular, to human beings. Objective /a. Students will demonstrate knowledge of Mendelian genetics, ...
  • BIO3513: Genetics - Lab 

    Babich, H. (2022-01)
    Goals and objectives: • Develop/understand the following laboratory skills: data analysis (chi-square test); chromosome staining; Allium genotoxicity assay; basic techniques in handling Drosophila melanogaster; paper ...
  • BIOL3207Y: Cell Biology Lab 

    Katz, Amanda (2021-01)
    Laboratory objectives: • To learn the basic language and methods of cell biology including pipetting techniques, dilutions, electrophoresis, protein assays, microscopy, western blot analysis, ELISA assay, dot blot and ...
  • BIOL3207C: Cell Biology 

    Vigodner, Margarita (2021-01)
    Cell Biology is an exciting and rapidly developing field. Ongoing research in the field is constantly proving newer concepts and disproving older ones. Today, to achieve your career goals, it is important for you not only ...
  • BIOL2730: Human Anatomy 

    Odien, Jennifer (2021-01)
    Goals: • To provide students of Biology with basic exposure to the descriptive science of Anatomy • To provide students entering the Health Professions with a Framework for the study of Human Anatomy including the use ...
  • BIOL2601A: Human Development 

    Weiss, Richard (2021-01)
    Goals: Students considering health care professions- including genetics related fields- should acquire a detailed understanding of the normal development of the embryo and fetus. Students should also be able to demonstrate ...
  • BIOL1012H: Biology Principles - Honors 

    Katz, Amanda (2021-01)
    The goal of this course is to enable students to become fluent in the fundamentals of biology. We will build on first semester and learn about genetics and biological systems.
  • BIOL1012C: Biology Principles 

    Loewy, B. (2021-01)
    This semester you will be introduced to the realms of Genetics, Molecular Biology, Micro & Macro Evolution, and Human Physiology. Though factual recall is integral, it is most important to focus on conceptual and analytical ...

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