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Recent Submissions

  • BIBL2355D: Book of Kings 

    Mermelstein, Ari (2021-09)
    The author of Sefer Melakhim narrates historical events ranging over hundreds of years, but his approach to writing history differs from that of modern historians. Perhaps the most obvious distinction between their ...
  • BIBL4930: Coping with Challenging Situations 

    Schwerd, Gila (2021-01)
    Addressing topics in Tanach and analyzing the challenges they present and the coping strategies exhibited. This course will be text-based with an emphasis on classical sources and commentaries. Additional attention will ...

    Cohen, Mordechai (2021-01)
    DESCRIPTION: In-depth study of the Song of Songs, diction, structure, imagery, and depiction of human and spiritual love. Literal vs. allegorical readings in rabbinic, medieval and modern commentaries. Emphasis on imagery, ...
  • BIBL3707E: Textual Analysis of the Book of Esther 

    Shmalo, Mahnaz (2021-01)
    This course is a textual analysis of the book of Esther, which gives an account of the great deliverance of the Jewish people during the reign of King Achashverosh in the Persian Empire. The story was written down so that ...
  • BIBL3450: Ruth 

    Reinitz, Sara Enna (2021-01)
    Objectives: (1) Analyze the text of Megillas Rus through close reading (2) examine topics in halacha as referenced in the text (3) understand the themes of the Sefer (4) appreciate the inner biblical allusions and their ...
  • BIBL3257D: Textual Analysis of the Book of Mishlei 

    Shmalo, Mahnaz (2021-01)
    This course is an analysis of the book of Mishlei (Proverbs) based on classic commentators on Tanach. The approaches of these commentators vary in their styles and interests, highlighting the fact that Mishlei (like all ...
  • BIBL3209J: Psalms 

    Angel, Joseph (2021-01)
    With the aid of both traditional and modern commentaries, this course will study a selection of psalms (some familiar from the siddur, some not) representing the various types and genres included in ספר תהלים . In-class ...
  • BIBL3207B: Book of Psalms 

    Shloush, Gideon (2021-01)
    Course Objective: To offer an overview of Sefer Tehillim and to delve into several chapters - in-depth; presenting them in an exciting and meaningful way.
  • BIBL2555K: Enduring Messages of Sefer Yirmiyahu, Confronting the False Prophets 

    Grunhaus, Naomi (2021-01)
    As the prophet designated to predict and warn of the impending destruction of the First Temple, by promoting religious reforms Yirmiyahu struggled to prevent or at least delay the exile. This course examines Yirmiyahu’s ...
  • BIBL2506J: Isaiah: Geulah & the Messianic Era 

    Grunhaus, Naomi (2021-01)
    This course examines גאולה and the messianic era. In order to gain a full understanding of this fundamental belief in Judaism we will analyze prophecies in ספר ישעיה in depth and probe their approaches to the messianic ...

    Rosensweig, Smadar (2021-01)
    The aim of this course is to study the events that transpired in preparation for, and during the time of Bayit Rishon. We will begin our course of study with the Shlomo and conclude with the catastrophe of Hurban Bayit ...
  • BIBL2362EFM: Topics in Kings: Eliyahu & Elisha Narratives 

    Bernstein, Penina (2021-01)
    This course explores the narratives of two of the primary prophets in Sefer Melachim. During this course of study, students will examine each narrative from an array of perspectives, with specific focus on the comparison ...
  • BIBL2356M: Book of Kings 2 

    SHAFFER, I. (2021-01)
    Outline of the course: A) Introduction to the Sefer based on the approach of classical and modern mefarshim. B) A detailed look at specific texts of mefarshim which will be studied in depth.
  • BIBL2154N: Book of Samuel 2 

    SHAFFER, I. (2021-01)
    Outline of the course: A) Introduction to the Sefer based on the approach of classical and modern mefarshim. B) A look at certain chapters and events in more detail. We will study the book in the form of ‘sugyot’ so that ...
  • BIBL2148C: Book of Samuel I 

    Rabinovich, Deena S. (2021-01)
    Questions to be examined: • What was the role of the Mishkan during this era? • What were the people of Bnai Yisrael like? What were their beliefs and practices? Weaknesses and strengths? • What were the positive and ...

    Rosensweig, Smadar (2021-01)
    This semester we will be studying the Haftarot that are read in the Beit Knesset throughout the spring. We will study the concept of Haftarah, the text of each Haftarah, the relevant midrashim and parshanim, its message, ...
  • BIBL1609E: Book of Devarim Advanced 

    Taubes, Racheli (2021-01)
    The rabbinic nickname of Sefer Devarim is Mishneh Torah, from where the English nickname Deuteronomy, or Second Law/Repetition of Law, is derived. This course will examine how Sefer Devarim retells and modifies narratives ...
  • BIBL1514IJR: Book of Numbers 

    Shloush, Gideon (2021-01)
    To offer an analysis of key sections of the Book of Numbers in an exciting, stimulating and inspiring way. This course will be text based and will share insights from many classic and contemporary commentaries.
  • BIBL1408B: Topics in Leviticus II 

    Weiss, Moriah (2021-01)
    Course Description: We will be studying major topics in the second half of Sefer Vayikra: Parshiot Tazria, Metzora, Aharei Mot, Kedoshim, Emor, Behar, Behukotai. We will cover the text as well as develop overarching themes ...
  • BIBL1405C: Book of Leviticus 

    Weiss, Moriah (2021-01)
    Life Lessons from the Book of Leviticus We will be studying major topics in the Book of Leviticus. We will cover aspects of the text as well as develop overarching themes throughout the Book of Leviticus. We will focus ...

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