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    • BIB1405: The Book of Leviticus - Fall 2021 

      Reinitz, Sara Enna (2021-09)
      Objectives: (1) Study the latter half of Sefer Vayikra (2) Closely examine selected topics with commentaries (3) Survey the rest of the text through assignments
    • BIBL1305: The Book of Exodus 

      Reinitz, Sara Enna (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
      Objectives: Study selected topics in Exodus with close attention to biblical commentaries (and their hermeneutical disputes) and other selected Jewish texts in order to understand the lessons.
    • BIBL3450: Ruth 

      Reinitz, Sara Enna (2021-01)
      Objectives: (1) Analyze the text of Megillas Rus through close reading (2) examine topics in halacha as referenced in the text (3) understand the themes of the Sefer (4) appreciate the inner biblical allusions and their ...