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    • COMP 1001C-EF Programming for Non-CS Majors 

      Teitelman, Lawrence (2021-01)
      Prerequisites: ● None, other than a desire to l earn and explore and have fun i n the process �� ____ Course Objectives: Students completing this course should be able to ● Identify the components of a computer and ...
    • COMP 1300C Introduction to Computer Science 

      Broder, Alan J. (2021-01)
      Overview: Programming is an essential skill for students with an interest in mathematics, science, engineering, business, and of course Computer Science. This course introduces the application of Computer Science concepts ...
    • COMP 3610-B Operating Systems 

      Teitelman, Lawrence (2021-01)
      Prerequisites: ● Ability to code in a high-level programming language, and willingness to learn others as needed ● Familiarity with basic data structures
    • COMP 3640 - E Programming Languages 

      Waxman, Joshua (2021-01)
      Overview: In this course, we have three main objectives. ____ (A) We will study features of programming languages and how they are implemented. For instance, when passing parameters to functions, is it pass-by-value, ...
    • COMP 3650 Object Oriented Software Design 

      Waxman, Joshua (2021-01)
      Overview: The major theme of this course is how to structure real, large programming projects, in a way that they are easy to maintain across the product lifetime. Our Java programs will consist of multiple classes, in ...