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Recent Submissions

  • ECON 1010 - D1 & E Principles of Economics 

    Kahn, James A. (2021-01)
    This course is a basic one-semester introduction to economics, covering both microeconomics (how individuals and businesses make resource decisions, and the functioning of specific markets); and macroeconomics (the ...
  • ECON 1177 Game Theory & Behavioral Econonics 

    Hashimoto, Tadashi (2020-01)
    Course Description This course introduces basic techniques of game theory and provides a wide range of economic and other social-scientific applications. Game theory—developed by economists, mathematicians, behavioral ...
  • ECON-2531-L Health Economics 

    Utzinger, Robert (2021-01)
    Objectives of the Course: Application of economic tools and concepts to the analysis of the US health care system and public health. Effects of health care on health, hospital behavior, health care workforce supply and ...
  • ECON1201B: Macroeconomic Analysis - Fall 2021 

    Kahn, James A. (2021-09)
    Economics 1201 is an intermediate-level course in macroeconomics, incorporating topics in international and monetary economics as well as the determinants of long-term growth. The objective of the course is to provide ...

    Bloise, Gaetano (2021-09)
    The purpose of this course is to initiate students to the basic principles of economics and to provide them with an understanding of several economic phenomena in a modern society. The course is split between the study of ...
  • ECO1010 & CRN14285: Principles of Economics - Fall 2021 

    Shao, Ran (2021-09)
    In this course , we focus on the activities of individual decision makers as they go about the business of life. At the semester’s end you will have a better understanding of how markets work, how prices are d etermined, ...