Recent Submissions

  • JEDU 3226 - EFW Jewish Education - Student Teaching Seminar 

    Rabinovich, Deena S. (2021-01)
    For Jewish Education student teachers. Analysis of the student-teaching experience. Topics include promoting student motivation, classroom management strategies, student diversity, working with parents and school personnel, ...
  • JEDU 3216 - AW Jewish Education Seminar & Fieldwork 

    Rabinovich, Deena S. (2021-01)
    For Juniors in Jewish Education track; Seminar on Wednesays; 30 hours of fieldwork on Fridays
  • JEDU 2319 - AB Teaching Jewish Studies & Fieldwork 

    Rabinovich, Deena S. (2021-09)
    Course objectives: The learner will… Be able to write goals and objectives for individual lessons and for units. Be able to develop a lesson plan with formative/summative assessments as appropriate. Be able to develop ...