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    • ARTS1975H/JPHI4933H/JHIS4934: Jewish Illuminated Manuscripts: Torah as Art in Medieval Ashkenaz 

      Koenigsberg, Sima (2021-01)
      Jewish illuminated manuscripts are among the treasured artifacts that have survived the trials of Jewish history and whose imagery provides a window into the Torah worldview of the Jews that commissioned them hundreds of ...
    • JHIS 1321 - F Jews In Christendom 

      Levin, Chaviva (2021-01)
      In this course we will explore the experiences of Jews in the Middle Ages in the orbits of Christianity. We will examine Jewish cultural and intellectual developments in the contexts in which they occur as well as study ...
    • JHIS 4930 – K Topics: Jewish Presence in Latin America 

      Perelis, Ronnie (2021-01)
      This course explores Jewish immigration, settlement, cultural production and religious life from the earliest instances of European conquest and colonization of the Americas until the present day. The Americas are not just ...
    • JHIS 1452 - M History of Polish Jewry 

      Karlip, Joshua (2021-01)
      Course Overview: In this course, we will examine the history of East European Jewry from its communal origins in the thirteenth century through 1945. Special emphasis will be placed upon religious, intellectual, cultural, ...
    • JHIS 1401 - N Modern Jewish History 

      Olson, Jess J. (2021-01)
      Modern Jewish history – what is it? When does it begin? Why is it important? While for other eras of Jewish history, these questions seem self-explanatory, in the case of the modern period they have sparked no small amount ...
    • JHIS 1235 - K Dead Sea Scrolls 

      Hidary, Richard J. (2021-01)
      Welcome to the exciting world of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This archaeological treasure has given us a window into the critical junction between the Bible and the Mishnah. Some of these texts may seem strange and surprising ...
    • JHIS 1150 - M History of Jerusalem 

      Katz, Jill C. (2021-01)
      Course Description This course surveys the religious, political, and cultural history of Jerusalem over three millennia. The course content will focus on the transformation of sacred space as reflected by literary and ...
    • JHIS 1486 - D1 The Holocaust & Rescue 

      Paldiel, Mordecai (2021-01)
      Course Objective: The nature of Nazi anti-Semitism; the evolution of the Holocaust to the mass murder of Europe’s Jews; Jewish responses, and the various rescue attempts, including of non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews.
    • JHIS 1575 - DM American Jewish History, 1880-1940 

      Gurock, Jeffrey (2021-01)
      The Jewish community in the United States: its development from earliest times; immigration and settlement; social, economic, and communal development; contribution to American civilization; the modern and contemporary ...
    • JHIS 1001 - J Survey Jewish History 

      Orenbuch, Cali (2021-01)
      Course Objectives: Gain broad based knowledge of Jewish History from the Persian period, the Hellenistic Era, the 2nd Commonwealth (בית שני ), the period of the Mishna and Gemara ___ Political, social, economic, and ...
    • HIST 2304 - B Modern Israel / JHIS 1511 - B Modern Israel 

      Kosak, Hadassa (2021-01)
      COURSE DESCRIPTION: While the course will address the topic of Israel and the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict, our discussions will include topics of social, cultural, and political history of Israel since 1948 ...
    • JHIS 4940H - C Topics: Psalms & Sonnets 

      Koenigsberg, Chaya Sima; Trapedo, Shaina (2021-01)
      Course Description: This course will survey the interplay between poetry and prayer in Jewish tradition from Tanakh to the modern era. Using classical meforshim, we will examine the style and significance of biblical ...
    • JHIS 1415 - E History of Zionism 

      Paldiel, Mordecai (2021-01)
      Rise and development of modern Jewish nationalism against the backdrop of contemporary Western civilization and the scope of Jewish history; writings of major Zionist ideologues; role of Zionism within the major Diaspora ...
    • JHIS 4932H - NPT Liturgical Customs Medieval Europe / JUDS 1204H - NPT Jewish Liturgy 

      Kanarfogel, Ephraim (2021-01)
      The Development of Liturgical Customs and Practices (מנהגי תפילה וברכות ) in Medieval Europe Selected topics in Jewish history. 0.000 TO 3.000 Credit hours
    • JHIS 1335 - K The Jews of Medieval Spain 

      Perelis, Ronnie (2021-09)
      This course will investigate the cultural history of the Jews of Spain (the Sephardim), from the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in 711 until the expulsion of 1492. Medieval Spain, with its vibrant Muslim and ...
    • JHIS 1201 - L Classical Jewish History 

      Hidary, Richard J. (2021-09)
      This course will survey the history of the Jews during the Diaspora, Second Temple and Rabbinic periods (600BCE-600CE). This period is witness to the development of many aspects of Judaism as we know it today, such as, the ...
    • JHIS 4935H - C Topics :History of the Jews of NYC 

      Gurock, Jeffrey S. (2021-09)
      Course Objectives: American Jewish historians must not only tell comprehensively the story of that immigrant-ethnic and minority group. But to do their job well, they must contextualize that experience within the contours ...
    • JHIS 1150 - M History of Jerusalem 

      Katz, Jill C. (2021-09)
      Course Description This course surveys the religious, political, and cultural history of Jerusalem over three millennia. The course content will focus on the transformation of sacred space as reflected by literary and ...
    • JHIS 1327H - NPG The Tosafists 

      Kanarfogel, Ephraim (2021-09)
      The literary and juridical creativity of Ashkenazic scholarship in the 12th and 13th centuries. 2.000 TO 3.000 Credit hours
    • JHIS 4936 - D1 Immigrant Nations US & Israel ; HIST 2913 - D1 Immigrant Nations: US & Israel 

      Kosak, Hadassa (2021-09)
      The course surveys the political, cultural, and social implications of largescale immigration to the US and to Israel. Historically, not all immigrants were welcome, and both nations have a record of resorting to selectivity, ...