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    • Intro to Jewish Philosophy - 14097 - JPHI 1131 - F 

      Schimmel, Ilan S. (2021-09)
      Course Objectives 1. This course allows students to engage with fundamental questions about Jewish thought that pertain to critical issues, such as: ● Should our religious beliefs be based upon rational arguments or ...
    • JPHI 4931 - FGW Topics: Human Nature & Jewish Thought 

      Schimmel, Ilan S. (2021-01)
      Objectives of the course This semester, we will focus on various conceptions of human nature and the significant role that these conceptions assume in shaping theological and religious categories. Our study of this ...
    • Philo. of Rav Soloveitchik - 14183 - JPHI 1845 - G 

      Schimmel, Ilan S. (2021-09)
      Course Objectives The religious philosophy of R. Soloveitchik has significantly impacted the modern orthodox Jewish community as well as the trajectory of contemporary Jewish thought. Understanding and appreciating why ...