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    • JUDS 1820 - L Mishnah: Pirkei Avot I 

      Preil, Elozor (2021-01)
      Course Objective: Students will become knowledgeable in the lives and times of the Great Rabbis of Pirkei Avot as we study and analyze their timeless teachings.
    • JUDS 1583-A Medical Ethics 

      Berman, Saul J. (2021-01)
      Course Purposes: This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the varied approaches in the history and literature of Jewish Law to issues in medical ethics related to end of life, and their ...
    • JUDS 1444 - K Hilchot Niddah II 

      Price, Nechama (2021-01)
      1. Course Description: This course should serve as a guide through many of the laws of Niddah and related topics. Halacha, as it will be presented, will be traced from its point of origin to modern poskim. However, this ...
    • JUDS 1460 - N The Sabbath 

      Wolff, Daniel E. (2021-01)
      II. COURSE TOPICS AND GOALS January 19-March 17 Muktza: Definition of Muktza/ categories of Muktza/ application to situations- toys & games, money and valuables, "cleaning up", flowers and plants on the table, pets, ...
    • JUDS 1468 - M The Festivals 

      Wolff, Daniel E. (2021-01)
      II. COURSE TOPICS AND GOALS General learning objectives: To gain comprehension and command of the laws of Yom Tov To gain proficiency in applying the Halachic system and a wider knowledge of key sefarim and their ...
    • JUDS 4939J Weekly Mitzvot II 

      Bernstein, Jacob Morris (2021-01)
      Course Description This course focuses on learning about Jewish ideas and mitzvot ( commandments) and how they appear in the weekly Torah portion. Each week w e will analyze a single mitzvah, zooming into details and ...
    • JUDS 1604PQT Modern Jewish Problems 

      Schacter, Jacob J. (2021-01)
      Goal: To critically examine a number of issues that are of great significance for the American Jewish community. The themes that will be discussed are: • The Contemporary Theological Significance of the State of Israel: ...
    • JUDS 1572 - D2 The Individual in Society 

      Berman, Saul J. (2021-01)
      Environmental Issues; Chumra; Self Incrimination Syllabus Cover Page Course Purposes: This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the varied approaches in the history and literature of Jewish ...
    • JUDS 1440 - D1 Jewish Laws & Custom: Family Law 

      Taubes, Racheli (2021-01)
      Course Description: This course will focus on the laws and values of Jewish relationships, marriage, and family life. Topics include the Laws of Family Purity, Mikvah, and the rituals, laws, and customs of the Jewish ...
    • JUDS 1433 - C: Kashrut 

      Pahmer, David A. (2021-01)
      In this course we will cover several significant issues in Kashrut, particularly those that have practical relevance. We will usually, though not always, come to practical conclusions. The course has two parts: the first ...
    • JUDS 1002 - J Introduction to Judaism & Biblical Literature II 

      Hajioff, Lawrence Moshiach (2021-01)
      Introduction to Judaism Mitzvot Bein Adam L’Chaveiro Commandments Between Man and Man This course covers the following basic tenets of Jewish thought: Section I: Taming the Inner Critic: Judging Others Favorably Section ...
    • JUDS 1350 - B Introduction to Jewish Beliefs 

      Hajioff, Lawrence Moshiach (2021-01)
      Introduction to Jewish Beliefs Mashiach Israel and the End of Days This course covers the following basic tenets of Jewish beliefs: Body and Soul: Part I. Creation of the First Person Part II. How the Body was ...
    • JUDS 1402- A Basic Jewish Concepts: Holidays 

      Hajioff, Lawrence Moshiach (2021-01)
      Purim, Pesach, The Omer, Shavuot and Tisha B’Av This course covers Book of Esther. Laws and Customs of Purim Pesach philosophy Laws of the Pesach Seder Laws of Chametz and Matzah Ideas of the Omer Laws of Sefirat ...
    • JUDS 1491 - K Interpersonal Relationships & the Workplace 

      Cohen, Aaron (2021-01)
      COURSE OBJECTIVES: The course will consist of a study of various religious challenges that confront an observant Jewish woman in the workplace. The course will encompass the following topics: 1) Engagement & distinctiveness: ...
    • JUDS 1859 - IP Selected Rabbinic Literature 

      Goldwicht, Meir (2021-01)
      Philosophy: The first Mishnah in Avos teaches that Moshe received the Torah from Sinai and passed it on to Yehoushua. From that moment in time, the Torah and our tradition has been unbrokenly transmitted from teacher to ...
    • JUDS 1489 - J Interpersonal Relationships 

      Laufer, Charles Kalman (2021-01)
      Interpersonal relationships (such as ethics, charity, slander, revenge, usury).
    • JUDS 4935-L Topics: Development of Jewish Law 

      Wolff, Daniel E. (2021-01)
      II. COURSE TOPICS AND GOALS January 19-March 16 In the first half of the semester we will look at the sources for Rabbinic responsibility, who has that authority, what is the binding nature of Rabbinic ordinances, and ...
    • JUDS 1841 B: Introduction to Talmud I 

      Pahmer, David A. (2021-01)
      Course objectives: This course will be an introduction to the rules and principles of תורה שבעל פה in all major aspects, especially הלכה . Since these rules are primarily relevant for early development of תורה שבעל פה , ...
    • JUDS 1507-A Topics in Jewish Law 

      Shloush, Gideon (2021-01)
      Course Objective: To offer an in-depth look at a range of Jewish laws and observances in an exciting, stimulating and inspiring way. This course will focus on many of the traditional practices of Judaism and will offer ...
    • JUDS 1586- L The Sabbath – Modern Problems 

      Auman, Kenneth (2021-01)
      Course objective: To analyze and understand how the abstract principles of Halacha can be applied to modern-day issues yielding concrete rulings on matters of technology and its use on Shabbat. The principles of Halacha ...