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    • MATH 1010C Excursions in Mathematics 

      Ben-Ari, Esther (2021-01)
      Early on human beings saw the need for counting physical objects and measuring lengths, areas and volumes. In other words, they needed mathematics. This course will focus on understanding the two basic subjects that ...
    • MATH 1410-M Fundamentals of Calculus 

      Lam, Wai-Ting (2021-01)
      This course is designed for students majoring in biology, pre-health sciences, or any other major except mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering, chemistry, and physical sciences. Topics include functions, ...
    • MATH 1410: Fundamentals of Calculus 

      Dalezman, Michael (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
      The object of this course is to introduce the students to the concepts of differentiation and integration. The acquisition of computational skills and applications will be stressed.
    • MATH 1413NP Calculus II 

      Dalezman, Michael (2021-01)
      First semester: limits, derivatives, and integrals; continuous and differentiable functions, mean value theorem, chain rule, implicit differentiation. Applications: curve sketching, maxima and minima, related rates, motion, ...
    • MATH 2105: Linear algebra I 

      Nandori, Peter (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
      COURSE DESCRIPTION: In linear algebra, we learn how to solve systems of linear equations efficiently.Systems of linear equations are one of the most important and most commonly applied mathematical models in a big range ...
    • MATH 2105M Linear Algebra I 

      Dalezman, Michael (2021-01)
      The course begins with the concrete and computational subject of systems of linear equations and gradually exposes the students to the more abstract notions of matrices and vector space. Emphasis is put on computations and ...
    • MATH 2601 - K Differential Equations 

      Gidea, Marian (2021-01)
      To solve analytically and numerically differential equations; to perform qualitative analysis and understand long term behavior of systems; to apply differential equations to physics, chemistry, population dynamics, and ...
    • Probability Theory - 13636 - MAT 2461 - 241 ; Probability Theory - 14030 - MATH 2461 - N 

      Nandori, Peter (2021-09)
      Probability spaces; combinatorics; conditional probability; discrete and continuous random variables; examples; density and distribution functions; independence; expectation and variance; moment-generating functions; law ...