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    • PHIL 1710: Religion and Philosophy 

      Shatz, David (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
      Traditionally, the philosophy of religion critically examines (1) the central concepts of religion, particularly monotheistic religions and (2) arguments for and against religious belief and practice. In the past few ...
    • PHIL 2420 Science and Religion 

      Shatz, David (2021-01)
      This course focuses on differing models for understanding the relationship between religion and science, with emphasis on how the models fare in the light of contemporary thinking in science, philosophy, and religion. ...
    • POLI 1401/PHIL3200 Modern Political Thought 

      Holbreich, Matthew (2021-01)
      COURSE DESCRIPTION This course examines political philosophy through the lens of classic texts in the ancient and modern period. The course will focus on readings that contrast ancient and modern political thought. The ...